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if u hate someone put this in ur pro

the 1 the only
Never tell anybody your problems, either 20% of people don't care and 80% of people are glad you have them!!!
No matter where we go in life we take a little of each other everywhere
xo..:..ox~The ße§t friend§ are the one§ who don't like to go on rollercoa§ter§ ßut they are alway§ right next to you §creaming at the top of their lung§!!~xo..:..ox
Romance is for the weakminded.
Q. How does Michael Jackson pick his nose? A. From a catalogue.
It's gonna be love, It's gonna be great
It's gonna be more than I can take
It's gonna be free , It's gonna be real
It's gonna change everything I feel
It's gonna be sad, It's gonna be true
It's gonna be me baby, It's gonna be you baby
It's gonna be...
It's gonna be love
My boy did all these things 2 me.but he did not like me but i loved him.
||with a kiss nd a wink im sorry tO announce but this lil hottie gotta ... bizounce, sO witha X and a O leave a sweet one!!||........... . . . . . ..

SuSaN pRodUcTiOnZ
tHe mAkErS oF [ SuSaN ]
LoGo: we only work for you*

[ Lol | CaNtCha | TeLL | iM | boReD | iTs 10:04 am |
iTs 7 pM dO u KnoW wHeRe YoUr bOyFrIeNd iS...?
HaHa i dO**
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