Quotes added on Thursday, June 3 2004

be right back...dont leave beacuase i will be right back.......right:-/

i know its kinda gay but o well...totaly original
best friends arent nessaerily the ones u spend the most time with..but the ones u have more fun wen ur around.. :-)
MaDe By mY mInD sO hA!! im so talented!
SoCcEr Iz foReVeR
OuR tEaM wIlL nEvEr LoOsE!
WeRe HaRdEr ThAn BiLlBoReD!
We NeVEr LeT tHeM cHoOsE..
OoOpZ tHeY jUsT sCoReD
haHAHA I MADE THIS... lol i got bored
made from my head
The flowing rain from my eyes
Hurts so much to keep inside
I sit and watch you leave
my life 4ever
I can't say how I feel so I cry
I think about your face
and how I fall into your eyes
the outline that I trace
around the one that I called mine

</3 I'm gonna miss you so much...
Even if I wanted to
I don't think that I'd get to u
there's nothing I can say to you
To make you feel alive again

So don't just walk away from me
Just turn your back away and leave
cause if your luck I will be
your last regret your only friend

I guess that this is over now
I guess it's called a falling out
But eceryday I'm learning how to
make it through this life I'm in

Should I bite my tounge
untill blodd soaks my shirt
We'll never fall apart
So tell me y this hurts so much

My hands are at your throat
and I think I hate you
but still we'll say remember when
just like we always do

</3 y do I still care??
the truth is you could slit my throat
and with my one last gasping breath
I'd apoligize for bleeding on your shirt

~~and all I need to know is that I'm something you'll be missin~~

</3 John </3

Do you notice I'm gone???


GET OUT!!!!!

</3 all I ever did was care </3
I wish I could tell by the look in your eyes how you feel
but I can't
I wish you would tell me you love me and you never wanna let me go
but you won't
I don't want you to be mad at me anymore
but you are
I don't wanna cry one more tear for you
But I will
I'm sorry...I really am
I just want you to forgive me
But I'm afraid you won't

</3 John </3

~plz don't let things be like this between us....I'm srry...~

~~18 days~~

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