Quotes added on Monday, June 7 2004

Me and Yew are stuck like glue...bangin babiiz one and two...BFFz!.Xox>
Every Night I CRy Myself to SleEp..
And tonite will be the lasT...
Ill watch down on you my LovE...
Dont be sad because I Left the past..
Ill be with you Everyday and Night..
beside you i will Be...
Just think..We'll finally get to sleep together...
In The
....Moon Light....
the hardest thing ive ever done is keep believing
that there is someone in this crazy world for me
i'm nOt a pefect person, theres many things i wish i
didN't do but i conTinue learning . i never meaNt tO
do those things to yOu and so i have to say before
i gO .. thaT i jusT waNt yOu to knOw - i've fOund a
reason for me to change who i used to be a reason
to start over new ; and the reason is yOu i'm sOrry
that i hurt you..its something i muSt live with every
day and alL the pain i puT yOu through i wiSh that i
could taKe it alL away and be the one who caTches
alL yOur tears thaTs why i need yOu tO hear ; i've
found a reasOn for me to change who i uSed tO be
a reason to sTart over new ; and the reason is you

[[ put in tahoma and it`lL be even ]]
true frienDs are like diamOnds .. preCious
and *raRe. faLse friends are like auTumn
leaves .. tHey `are fOund every wheRe «
sometimes .. sOme one says
sOmethiing rEally smalL *anD
it jus fits riGht into tHis emPty
pLaCe iin yOur heaRt .. <3 `'*
foR dreams are just like wiine
anD ii am `druNk wiTh mine ...
sOmetiimes you ruN awayy to
see wHo wilL come aFter you
live right now and jus be yourself
wHo cares if its not g0od enOugh
for |[ sOmeone * eLse ]|
[ love ] is one ·smalL· wordD
that can make a huge impact
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