Quotes added on Thursday, June 10 2004

i want you - i need you - o baby - o baby

mine and heather's inside joke!

I <3 ian

Heather <3 Mack
Momma says i have a boogy hangin - so i went to get a tissue -
I*ll brb!

Lol sum kid said that in school and i thought it was soo0o0 funni!

I <3 Ian!
¤¤¤A true friend would help you up when you fall¤¤¤
„„a best friend would help you up and trip you again„„
££ and say your so dumb u fell again££
    (_)    VERB IT’S WHAT YOU DO!  
     |                  ()  _ ()
   / | \                  \(_)/                    
     | ()                  \|/
    /\ Bball player    \____|____/ Cheerleading

PLEAZ PLEAZ PLEAZ dont take credit for this i REALLY made it.
By: Courtney
|Name____ Date___     |   
|    Homework:        |
|3) Look around       |
|4) Take mii poll n   |
|5)quizTHAT’S ALL     |
|    CLASS!!          |
|                     |
|                     | DONT TAKE CREDIT 
MAdE by: COurtney
if a cow laughed hard would milk come out his nose? 
********  r.a.n.c.e.s.c.a

If your name begins with an F you can just change it to your name! 
   Hope you like it!

xoxo. Francesca
FrOm ScArEy MoViE 3 i luv that movie!!!!! I dont remember thier names srry

Girl 1: hmmm.. A cow goes BLANK a three letter word...
Girl 2: DUDE
Girl 1: hm.. Dude yea, a cow goes dude
Also i remember this guys name
George: YOu hate me cuz im black.
another part
George: I be rappin' i be tappin' i be hapen..ning bling sing wing.
Brenda: If we say yes will u shut up?
Cyndi: That sounds good I'll go.
Geroge: Good, should, could.
another part I forget his name srry

FArmer: they told me i only had a day to come up with a $1.50
Police girl: I feel your pain.


Made by COurtney
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh were off to go to skool the most boringest place in the world!!!! because because because if we dont our parents will kill us! At skoool its not cool to be there with the teachers and the books they make u sit in small chairs and make you do whatever they want. Y is it so boring i have no idea I just cant wait for the end of the year!!!1

100% original
Made by: COurtney
Y is it so boring i have no idea I just cant wait for the end of the year!!!

100% original
Made by: COurtney
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