Quotes added on Friday, June 11 2004

Lying here wondering what i did wrong
Did i cause this to happen
Lying here wondering what did i do wrong
did i cause this to happen
did i cause evrything to go wrong
i thought that we would be together forever
not knowing that forever will end up being never
:*: my life is soo much better now that i found u :*:

i luv u dylan sooo much and if we break up ill still love u *

its gay but its true lol

i <3 love olivia <3333333333
i Wanna be the girl you point to and
tell your friends <3 THATS HER!! <3.
Always live for TOMORROW, never live
for today because you never kno what
tomorrow can bring, or take away</3!

U hUrT mE YeStErDaY, bUt YeStErDaYs' ThE pAsT, sO lEaRn FrOm YoUr PaSt, AnD yOu WoNt GeT hUrT iN tHe PrEsEnT...
~* *~
** I Luv ____ **

it kinda gayy bu ti was bored
TaUnTeD aNd ToUrN

im starting to find that evil little girl.
im finding that tortured, sorrowful girl.
that little one picked up off the floor.
the terrified, beaten, painful little girl.
her tortured mind, her beaten soul.
that little girl torn apart as a whole.
no love for the girl, the pain and the mourn.
no love for that girl, taunted and torn.
she sits and she screams, pain for the girl.
in a crowd full of people, hurt for the girl.
in her room she finds it, cuts for the girl.
"mommy will you hug me now?" death to the girl.
she crawls, she sneaks, she finds the gun.
the little girl in the closet, hiding from the sun.
it gets dark, she takes it "mommy will you hug me now?"
-GET OUT- and with a simple twitch of her finger... POW.
"goodbye mommy, i love you"
as she kisses mommys forehead the girl goes outside.
she runs through the darknes, she has to hide.
she lays down in the moonlights reflection.
this is MY life, you've read my perception.
~*~ candace
I might not be popular,
And I don't have a boy friend,
I'm not the best athlete,
but I'll still trust Jesus till the end
Can someone please write a 2006 poem
I can't find em anywhere!

So the year's go by, faster every year.
We laugh a little there and we cry a little tear,
But we love each other, that we know,
While we gossip around, saying "That girl's low."
We might backstab and hate, judge and date,
While making bad grades and always being late,
But in the end, is that what it all means?
I think we'll understand when we get our junior rings.
Times wearing out and it sure is for us,
Then off to college..no laundry or bus,
On our own, so go on and cry,
We'll make it, I promise, we just gotta try.
I'll miss everyone through all the fights and tears,
I hope we see each other throughout all the years,
Graduation will come, it'll be real slick,
till then we're just the class of 2006.

i didnt write this, but its the only 2006 i have
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