Quotes added on Saturday, June 12 2004

x0x0 I'm So In lOvE 0x0x
x0x0 wItH bEiNg In LoVe 0x0x
MiRrOrS dOnT tAlK, lUcKy 4 U tHeY dOnT lAuGh EiThEr

u can take it, i didnt make it up!
i had a nightmare, i dreamt i was you!
remember JESUS loves you, but everyone eles thinks ur an idiot!
"And its all
n hill from here.."

*--make the down hill pink and the rest like any shade of blue or purple, if ya wanna--*
--->ThiiNgS ChAnGe n PpL Do tO
bUt mAh LuV g0eS oUt To a CeRtaiN fEw
ThA oNeZ wHo R tHeRe ThRu GoOd n BaD
iD sAy tHeYr dA bEsT fRiEnDz iVe EvEr hAd<---
.:*:. I'm S0rRy ThaT I'vE h.U.r.T yo0
i'Tz SumThin i mUsT liVE wiFF e v e r y d a y .:*:.
.:*:. And aLL thE P-A-I-n i PuT y0o thrO
I wIsh tHat I coULD tAke It ALl a:w:a:y .:*:.
.:*:. AnD bE tha *1* hO0 caTchez All Yo tEaRZ
you are my sunshine,
my pride and joy...
lucky for me you dont come in a bag...
|F|R|I|E|N|D|S| my anti drug

put friends in arial and bold it and underline it to make it look real

.:~:.ThIs iS sUmMeR bReAk ImA hAvE fUn WeAr FlIp FlOpZ n ChIlLiN iN tHe SuN fOrGeT aBoUt SkEw AnD aLl ThE rUlEs WaKe Up In ThE aFtErNoOn AnD jUsT b CoOl HaNg WiT fRiEnDs AnD sLeEpOvErS 2 CuZ sUmMeR04 iS gOnNa RuLe!!!.:~:.

((~.:FiGuRe Sk8:.~))

i gO tO ThE RiNk AnD Sk8 OuT On tHe IcE
iT FeElS So InCrEdiBLy GoOd aNd wOnDeRfUlLy NiCe!!
I SpInS AnD SpIn AnD SpIn SoMe mOrE sOmE TiMeS I MaY FaLl DoWn oN ThE IcY fLoOr
I Do a DOuBlE aNd gO WaY Up hIgHt sOMeTiMeS i fEeL I CoUlD ToUcH ThE SkY!
i Sk8 To CeNtEr iCe aNd bOw A TrOpHy Is pLaCeD In mY HaNd...WOW!!

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