Quotes added on Sunday, June 13 2004

{*.:*}i wish i c0uld Explain mysElf but w0rds EscapE mE{*.:*}

friends are like ((condoms)) they are there when shyt gets ((hard))
Hot as [HELL], Sweet as [HEAVEN], We're the class of [2007]
crazy days, messed up nites,
tons of crushes n stupid fites!
secrets we'll take 2 da grave
n pics we'll 4eva save
thru thick n thin always tru
i dunno where id b w/o u
SoMeTiMeS iSh HaPpEnS
n We DoNt KnO y
SoMeTiMeS ThInGs HaPpEn
n We CaNt HeLp BuT cRy
BuT wHen u FeEl U cAnT pUt Up W/ iT nE LoNgEr
((JuS HoLd On))
CuZ tHeSe ThInGs MaKe Us StRoNgEr
(<*>)While im a genie in a bottle(<*>)
(<*>)Your a tramp in a lamp(<*>)

i dont think this is a poem but owell thats where it is

Smile. It confuses people.
CrOsS mY hArT aNd HoPe To DiE
clothes and make up-boys and lies
FoReVeR tHeRe `TiL tHe EnD
definition of: true best friend
Don't put people on pedistools, they will only dissapoint you.
Look On The Bright Side..No One Hates Talking To U As Much As I Do
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