Quotes added on Monday, June 14 2004

at 5 we made a pack that syd we be bestfriends 4 life
but a six we spilt
wont went wrong
who did thurr wish wrong
i thought we would be thurr 4 eachotha nomatter wat
i thought we were and at 11 we turn enimies
wat is wrong wit diz piture
caz bestfriendz means 4 forever not kust till were 8\

total orginal take credit i dont care im me at xalweyzxsinglex
why is is that when a guy breaks up with a girl
the girl is the only one that gets hurt?

i thought about this one and it really bugs me!!

God made trees
God made lakes
God made %n
..But hey, we all make mistakes!!

)(*Just messing, l love u %n !!*)(
now that it feels like i l o s t you
i think that I`ve mostly lost
m y s e l f
i love you more than you know
i just dont know how to let it show
you say you love me and i say it back
but to say i love you means nothing it means jack
i want to show you how i really feel
and i want you to know my love is real
because i love you more than you will ever know
and i dont want to let you go

i made that up..its 100% mine!!! but go ahead take it...but dont take credit!!
I want to spend the summer
wasting days with you <3<3<3
im so happy i dont have to talk to %n right now
cuz man is he/she annyoing!!
If I could be like that
I would give a n y t h i ng
just to live one day in your shoes
if i could be like that
what would i do
what would i do
About 5 feet
Blondest Brunette you'll ever meet!
You can a best friend without a boyfriend.
But you can never have a boyfriend without a best friend
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