Quotes added on Monday, June 14 2004

GeT HuGs NoT DrUgS!
**A bRoKeN hEaRt CoNtInUeS To BeAt**

MaKe LoVe NoT WaR!

woohoo! i love that!

summer vacation!
short tops~
flip flops~
in the shade~
french fries~
hot guyz~
ice cream~
sweet dreams~
in the sun~
lots of fun~
Summer is numba 1~
°We cRiEd 2GeThEr°
[We LaUgHeD 2GeThEr]-n-
¤WeLl Be FrIeNdZ 4 EvEr¤

HoPe U lIkE iT!!
-MaDe bY mE!
¤OrIgInAl- xO-KrIsTiE
We CaUsE So MuCh MoRe TrOuBlE tHaN KoDaK cAn SeE

DeDiCaTeD tO- KaLeY n KaYlIn xOx!
ThE tRiPpLe K'Z! KrIsTiE-KaLeY-KaYlIn- BfFL!
YoUr sO uGlY tHaT mAkEs mE sAdD ='(

*If it takes my whole life, I wont break, I wont bend. It will all be worth it in the end. Because I can only tell you that I know I need you in my life. When the stars have all gone out, you'll still be burning bright.

*I wish there were a way for you to see into my soul to find the depth of passion and tenderness that I hold for you.

*Your my addiction and I can never get enough of you.
*For once instead of telling me the reasons why I shouldnt cry. Listen to the reasons why I am.

*I loved you at all the wrong times.

*I think its time for me to just move on and forget you.
*I came here today to find out who you really are.

*I want to know everything about you. Even if it takes forever.
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