Quotes added on Tuesday, June 15 2004

Once I met this little girl
She didn’t know what she was doing
Or where she was going she was lost
Only 14 and confused about this game
Called life, did she have a name?

I found the dark paths in her mind
Understood why she was so sad
I wouldn’t be happy either if I
Lost my dad and if no one seemed
To care, no one was ever there

She’s loosing everyone around her
She’s dieing even more inside I
Don’t think anything can get inside her
To break this tide so we should just let
Her be, just let her be

Knife, gun, child please run
She’s going crazy no one
Understands what she see’s threw
Her mind we must rewind to see her past..

Daddy hitting mommy
Daddy getting drunk every night,
He was the one who had to start
The awful fights, drugs that’s what
They did, did they ever think of me?

So next time before you wonder why
This little girl is so high, out of the
World in her own little mind look
At her past and see why she can’t
Help the crying…she feels like dieing
There's. . Millions
Of guys out v they're but in
The end it all comes down to
Only o n e… When you find
The right person…all of a
Sudden anything is
P o s s I b l e
* Xoxo *

a kute liddle masterpiece of myne :-)
.X. mY LiFe uStO bE FiLlEd wItH ALl oF ThE BeAuTiFuL CoLoRs oF ThE rAiNbOw... BuT NoW ThAt u hAd lEfT ThIs wOrLd tHe oNlY cOlOr iN My lIfE Is gReY .X.

((daddy)) rip... may 16,1995

n ppl cant take this because i made it up myself!!!

bye.............Ashley ANN
Its so hard to tell in this crazy world...
what is fake and what is true...
My heads going crazy, I dunno what to think...
But i know that im in love with you!


love 4eva,
G                     O           O        D  D
G                     O           O        D    D
G                     O           O        D      D
G        GGGGGG       O           O        D      D
G             G       O           O        D     D
A ll
D ay

D ream
A bout
S occer
           dont       Love soccer play it
Has there ever been a time
When someone asked you
Whats wrong and you say
I just don’t feel too good and
When they ask what hurts
All you wanna say is "Everything.
But the one who can make it better
Doesn’t want to and he can but never will.
He is too blind to see how much
I really love and care for him and
When I told him I liked him
He crushed my hope and dream
“Saying now we can just be friends
Like always, and you never know
What might happen in the future...”
You never know”
But You Just Don’t
The Future

What actually happens in The Future?
Why do we have to wait so long?
Why do you torture me so
Telling me you don’t
Know what it will bring
Maybe it will bring me to love you
But what you are truly telling me is
That you don’t think that you
Can ever love me
And for me to wait and find someone else
When I Know there is no one else
You are my someone else
I have known you for so long
And come to realize that our friend’s
“idea” was the perfect timing
I figured that I could tell you
and you would understand. I wish
I would have spoke up
Much Much Much sooner
So I could have gotten the courage
To tell you sooner and maybe would
Have saved me from the heartache
of me watching the one so dear to me
Love one of my good friends.
But now you are my good friend
And I love you so much and am glad
That you took what I told you so well
Lets go back to when scraped knees brought tears. Boys had cooties and were gross. When friday nights were about watching the new Orignal Movie on Disney Channel. Sleepovers you stayed up all night telling secrets and no one told yor secrets. Lets go back to when you told yor parents everything and could cry to get yorself out of trouble. Lets go back to childhood.... you always want to grow up and when you do you want to be young again!
[ A. r. O. u. N. d. ]
c a l l m y c e l l!
XoOx *mwa* XoOx
..{your name}..
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