Quotes added on Tuesday, June 22 2004

Im bored rite now so if u wanna talk I mite come bak rite away. Bye!!
Hey!! Someones usin da computer so could u wait a lil? Thx
i like your pants round ur feet
i like the dirt thats on ur knees
i like the way u still say please
your like my favorite damn disease
I bet you never seen a shorty so fly
Pushin candy paint with the chrome choppin by
Throwin up player wave to my riders on the block
They all show love to my shorty doowop
In a juicy fruit jeans love that 315s
Livin every fantasy and ghetto girl dreams
Watchin swinging bang and she in another corner
Lookin way cool comin through with the doshure
Now after two honey blunts I discovered the buzz
Im call her shorty she gonna call me love
And through the thick of it all
She excepted collect calls
When the daddy got caught up by the law

~*I'll be ur lil shorty doowop;-) *~
Bounce baby out the door
I ain't gonna take this no more
Bounce baby out the door
Get up and move
Don't make me act a fool
Just bounce

Babi u messed up n now i needa move on from u!
*U nEvA rEaLlY nOtIcEd, U nEvA rEaLlY cArEd, AbOuT hOw MuCh I lUvEd Ya, AnD nOw ThAt ItZ oVa, AlL i WaNt Iz To HaVe U bAk*
You're dangerous
Just get it up
The way you move so scandalous
It's all about the two of us
A one night stand just ain't enough
I need some stimulation baby
A little conversation maybe
You got me spinning out like crazy
There goes my baby

~mis teeq~ *scandolous*
i wanted u right here with me but i have no choice u gotta leave, becuz my heart is breakin, with every word im sayin, i gave up everything i had on something that just wouldnt last, but i refuse to cry, no tears will fall from these eyes..

i cant hold onto u forever but i just wish things turned out differently =\
Love means...
a grl and a guy were speedin ova 100mph on the road
Grl: Slow down im scared
Guy: No this is fun
Grl: No it's not please its scary!
Guy: Them tell me you love me
Grl: Fine I love you slow down!
Guy: Now give me a big hug
Grl hugs him
Guy: Can you take my helmet off n waer it its buggin me..
In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure 2 ppl were on it but only 1 survived
The truth was halfway down the road the guy realized that his breaks broke but he didn't wanna let the grl kno instead he had he say she luved him and felt her hug 1 last time then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant he would die...
that's tru luv ryte there! :'(
I never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to dumb girls
Taking themselves too seriously
I was so damn smart
I was the one girl
Who never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to somebody else

*LuCy WoOdWaRd* ~DuMb GiRlS~
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