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.·´¨¨¨¨¨¨`·.        .·´¨¨¨¨¨¨`·.              
:           `.   .´            :
 `.            ·              .´
    `.       ¤Jill¤         .´        
       `.                 .´
          `.            .´
             `.      .´
                `. .´

srry if it gets messed up
TwO IrIsH MeN, TwO IrIsH MeN SiTtInG In A DiTcH,
OnE cAlLeD tHe OtHeR OnE a DiRtY SoN oF a B*TcH
dOnt be afraiD to telL someoNe you love
them. iF you dO - they miGht break your
heArt .. But if you doNt you miGht bReak
theiRs .. <3
loviing you miGht be my * woRst miStake
. . but iTs a miStake worTh mAkiiNg < - -
reaL loSs is wHen you lOve some
one moRe thAn you love youRself
a lie qeTs halfway arOund the worLd befoRe
the * truTh qeTs a chanCe to get iTs paNts on
*He Likes Me*


-I like his friend-
this is a conversation between A and B so C ur way out of it b4 D and E come and F u up G!!!
Do you think that this is right, or is it really wrongI know that this is what we've been wanting
And all this is burning in my soul, it fills up to my throat
It fills up till my heart is breaking

though dreams can be deceiving
like faces are to hearts
they serve for sweet relieving
when fantasy and reality
lie too far apart

Hope Ya Like It
Sn~ SuPeRsWeEtIe503
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