Quotes added on Tuesday, June 22 2004

e v e r ytime I close my eyes..it hit`s me so d e ep in s i d e
how ...real... this feeling is___im intoxicated by y o ur touch
it`s a s w e e t s w e e t rush....i`m in l o v e with your kiss

Summer hearts on our sleeves
wont you fall, fall with me into a dream?
into me passionately
we'll paint our own world
your colors will run and bleed
and they'll melt with me

"Old enough to know better but young enough to not give a *//*!"

Hott boyz Sand aNd Sun
Chillen Grillen Havin Fun
Beaches Friends partys
nd More Were Keepin it
Real For summer 04 !!!

IM Me<<

x0 nikz
i duN waNna bE thE onLy
girL iN yur LifE .. i jUzt
waNna bE thE onLy oNe
tHaT [[ -maTtErz- ]] <33

I <3 hImM!!
he`ll never kno0!

x0 NiCoLe!!

IM Me <3
itz awesome when strangers become best friends but itz sad when best friends become strangers..

x0 NiCoLe!!

this pain wont go away and theres just no reason to wake up each day.
i miss him so much. his great personility and gentle touch. but hes
found another girl who will keep his head in a whirl! and i have my
guy even tho it makes me wanna die, because hes not you! hes doesn't
know me like u do! why did you have to do something bad? was it so i
would get mad? the truth is i wasn't mad at you, i just couldn't
believe it was true! but maybe it was for the best, even tho i ended
up depressed. I will *always* love you...if only you knew....

-Made by me (c) u can use just plz dont take...its the way ive felt ever since i got that phone call on May 2,2004
If u love sumone
tell them-
because hearts r often
by words left

IM Me<<

x0 nikz
-y0u *r0ck* mY worLd....:)

*madE bY me d0nt take cRedit buT u cAn uSe

yah i kno its gay but hey lol atleast i try ;)
y0ur the ~onLy~ peRson thAt maKes mY <3heaRt<3 beAt -faSter- aNd *sLower* aT the sAme tiMe...
~Hot Chic


im me if u want
x i l0ve neRds x <<cute huh? lol :winkS:
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