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Did you ever notice that a friend is like a chew toy?
Sometimes you just wanna rip em' up.
Sometimes it just gives you pleasure.
After the first couple of days all you want to do is be with you're chew toy. (friend)
After that you never want to be without them.
Sometimes you just want to say..."LEAVE ME ALONE. I'M PLAYING WITH MY CHEW TOY!!!!!!!!!"
It's gonna burn for me to say this
But it's comin from my heart
It's been a long time coming
But we done been fell apart
Really wanna work this out
But I don't think you're gonna change
I do but you don't
Think it's best we go our separate ways
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship
When I'm hurting baby, I ain't happy baby
Plus there's so many other things I gotta deal with
I think that you should let it burn

When the feeling ain't the same and your body don't want to
But you know gotta let it go cuz the party ain't jumpin' like it used to
Even though this might bruise you
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

Deep down you know it's best for yourself but you
Hate the thought of her being with someone else
But you know that it's over
We knew it been through
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

Sendin' pages I ain't supposed to
Got somebody here but I want you
Cause the feelin ain't the same find myself
Callin' her your name
Ladies tell me do you understand?
Now all my fellas do you feel my pain?
It's the way I feel
I know I made a mistake
Now it's too late
I know she ain't comin back
What I gotta do now
To get my shorty back
Ooo ooo ooo ooooh
Man I don't know what I'm gonna do
Without my booo
You've been gone for too long
It's been fifty-leven days, um-teen hours
Imma be burnin' till you return (let it burn)


I'm twisted cuz one side of me is tellin' me
that I need to move on
On the other side I wanna break down
and cry (ooooh)
I'm twisted cuz one side of me is tellin' me
that I need to move on
On the other side I wanna break down and cry (yeah)

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oooh
Ooh ooh oooh (can ya feel me burnin'?)
Ooh ooh ooh oooh ooh oooh

So many days, so many hours
I'm still burnin' till you return

We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture. I'm busy moving it back.
If you are the cable company, I already sent the money.
If you are my family, please give me money.
If you are my employer, you didn't pay me enough money.
If you are my friends, you owe me money.
2 friends of mine are Al Kohalic and Al Kickurass
Yo mama's so fat, when she stepped on the dog's tail we had to change his name to Beaver

If ur bored follow the directions:
1. on the outside of ur hand write :"sup,turn over"
2. turn ur hand over and write:sup turn over
3. read ur hand

ill bbs... tell me how ur hand thing works out lol!
It's alright to tell me what you think about me
I won't try to argue or hold it against you
I know that you're leaving, you must have your reasons
The season is calling your pictures are falling down

The steps that I retraced the sad look on your face
The timing and structure, did you hear, he f#@ked her
A day late a buck short I'm writing the report
On losing and failing when I move I'm flailing now

And it's happened once again, I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands, sees through the master plan
But everybody's gone and I've been here for too long
To face this on my own, well I guess this is growing up

-blink 182-

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