Quotes added on Saturday, June 26 2004

if yO weRe a bOogeR, i'd pi yO fiRst.

dO yO have a rOad mAp, cUz i gOt lOst in yOr eyeZ.

dId it hUrt weN yO fell? frOm heaVen.

dOes yOr faCe hUrt? cUz itz kIllin mE.
                        Class of

    OOO   OOOO  OOO      OOO OOO      OOOO OOO     OOOO
         OOOO   OOO      OOO OOO      OOOO OOO     OOOO
       OOOO     OOO      OOO OOO      OOOO OOO     OOOO
      OOOO      OOO      OOO OOO      OOOO OOO     OOOO
         2           0             0             8
love is like glass so handle with care, for once it is broken, it can't be repaired.

School is out
Sneaking out
Sleeping in
Sun-tanned skin
At the beach in the sand
Chillin wit mah man
Hanging with friends
Fun just doesnt end!

made my me!! lol u can use it i dont care i-m me here if you would like some more great away messages or quotes!
¿?!Do VeGeTaRiAnS eAt AnImAl CrAcKeRs!?¿

^^thought that was pretty funny....I dont care if u tak da credit or not lol^^

/ \
*\o/ you could b here
| but instead your getting stoned
/ \
*\o/ \o/ \o/*
| | |
/ \ / \ / \
when your heart tells you that you love someone........

listen to it...

because that person may turn out to be that best thing in the world<3

DeDiCaTeD tO yOu*
When *u* said *u* LuVeD me.......((dId *U* MeAn It?))

everyone is wrong...its:
hey mickey ur so fine, ur so fine u BLOW my mind hey mickey hey hey hey mickey

Two blondes are walking in the woods, and they come across some tracks. The first blonde says they're wolf tracks. The second one argues they're deer tracks. Ten minutes later, they get hit by a train.

ThOuGhhT iT WaS Kinda FuNnY

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