Quotes added on Tuesday, June 29 2004

Once upon a time a girl lies alone,
She's scared and confused with no place to go.
In her mind she thinks its her fault,
But in her heart she knows it wasnt.
She tries to tell,
But she's too torn to speak the words,
Mommy he hurt me, he hurt me the worst.
All these years of him and her alone,
Mommy never noticed what was going on all along.
The girl was forced to do some bad things,
Things that a normal grandpa would never think.
She tore apart the family,
Grandma now lives alone.
She thinks she hurt everyone, when really she did no wrong.
Still to this day she thinks its her fault,
Still to this day she remebers everything she thought.

I just wanted to point out.. that my grandpa was my step grandpa.. so yeah..

My sn: xOx hCkY qT xOx

i asked god for a flower
and he gave me a garden
i asked god for a river
he gave me an ocean
i asked go for an angel
he gave me you baby <3

but the first row in light red
the second in light orange
the third in light green
the fourth in light yellow
the fith in light blue
the sixth in light pink
i like it like that
she workin that back
i dont know how to act slow motion for me
slow motion for me move it slow motion for meeee
PetErPaN --->> WenDY Come to ~ * NeVeR~LaNd * ~
with me where you`ll NEVER never Have to think about grownup things again !!
WeNdY --->> NeVEr is an offly long time !!

FrOm PeTerPaN

ClOe --->> are u scared ??
doctor --->> no
cloe --->> weLl u should be

The love i have forr you is love that i could never have for anyone esle !!! You make my heart beat in a special wayy that no one esle cann !!! You make me feel beautiful in every sigle way !!! Ever time i`m with u my heart feels up with love just for you !!! ..... for u CASEY i love you soo much ur great !!

ceLabraTing my biRthday<3
i wiLL aLwaYs <3 sOmeOne....moRe theN whaT theY knoW<3
*just RememBer thaT mY heaRt iS witH yoU....nO maTTer whaT haPPenS in liFe<3
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