Quotes added on Thursday, July 1 2004

~*~ It'S nOt NeCeSAraLLy juSt HoW FaSt yOu ArE fAlLiNg,..iT's hOw faR yoU FeLL BeForE YOu rEaLIzeD tHat NoBoDY WaS tHeRe tO cATcH YOu wHeN yOu LaNdeD! ~*~
~*~ GimMiE YoUR lAuGhs,... gImmIE yOUr sIgHs,....dRy uP YOuR tEaRs,... aNd LoOk mE iN tHe eYeS,...i'Ll nEveR fOrGEt thE DaYs,... wHeN aLL yoU wAnTeD tO dO,... wAs sNuGGlE bY thE FiRe,... AnD wIsPeR i lOvE yOU boO.,....bUt tHeSe mOMeNtS aRe sLowLy fAdiNg,...sUrElY yOu cAn seE,...tHAt bEcAuSE YoU BroKe mY hEaRt,...wE JuSt weReN't mEaNt tO bE! ~*~
~~I know I can~~

*!Be what I wanna be!*

({If I work hard at it})

>I'll be where I wanna be<
There's just something about *hIm* that i cannot get over,
Everyone tells me *he's* not worth my time,
But they dont see *hIm* as i do,
They tell me they understand what i feel,
But they dont *uNdErStAnD*
They have *No IdEa*

*xOxO LoViN hIm OxOx *
**..`*`*`. .**
**..`*`*`. .**
bored.. call or L1 fah` l8r (`v)
[[ Ur NaMe HeRe*.. ]] `v
PhOne* BeeP iNn... [[ *xO ]]

- [[ YuR NaMe HeRe.. xO ]]
g E t t i n
r E a d I

T h e n
o W t

L e A v E
i t

or CaLL itT... *123*456*7890*

put the O in comic sans ms... and the rest in impact.. pink backrOund.. white lettrs.... it shud wurk !!

[[ * xOxOx * ]]
   `v  MiChAeLa*  (`v)

put ur name in the middle uv the hearts... i dont care if u take credit foh` this whun !! 
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