Quotes added on Friday, July 2 2004

Sometimes "best friends forever" just means never

i saw it i thought it was cute n it kinda is like wut happened to me
A *fish* can love a ~bird~ but where would THEY live?

^yea...relationships are sometimes like that...

<3 ur babi gurl,
....did u ever stop to think....

....and forget to start again?....
<<LyFe>> is a *(GaMe)*
¤SoCcEr¤ is !!Serious!!

replace soccer wit watever sport u play

<3 ur baby girl,
Give Blood...
Play Soccer!

replace soccer wit watever sport u play
Get A LyFe...
A SoCcEr LyFe!
NotHiNg ElSe MaTtErS!
Yes...i am a girl...yes...i am an athlete... yes..i play soccer...
And yes... i'm goin to kick ur @ss!
Jack and Jill raced up the hill to see who was the better athlete....
**Sorry Jack**

<3 ur babi gurl,
Life is all about make-ups, break-ups... and back stabbing friends :-/

(even tho i kno none of my tru peeps are like that :-*)
<3 ur babi gurl,
!~You cant win it if your not in it~!
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