Quotes added on Thursday, July 8 2004

*·.·»¦«´¨`WHeN iim g0iin s0mewHere´¨`»¦«·.· *
*·.·»¦«´¨`aNd ii kn0 thaT uR there´¨`»¦«·.· *
*·.·»¦«´¨`i gEt tHe biGgesT fEelings´¨`»¦«·.· *
*·.·»¦«´¨`0f b u t t e r f l i e s ´¨`»¦«·.· *
(¸.·°´¨v´ ¨`°·.¸)(¸.·°´¨ ` v´ ¨`°·.¸)

`· . ·xo
mUch l o v e --» m a n d i i ` *
* ×((¨`v´¨))×*
..×*.·`v´ ·.*× iim tWiiSTed cUz 0ne siidE 0f
* ×((¨`v´¨))×*
..×*.·`v´ ·.*× mE iS tElliin mE t0 m0vE 0n
* ×((¨`v´¨))×*
..×*.·`v´ ·.*× tHe 0thA sIde i WannA bReak d0wn
* ×((¨`v´¨))×*
..×*.·`v´ ·.*× aNd c r y !! `
a r 0 u n d thE h0use ! `
lEave s0me swEet 0nes ! *

lo0ks gReat iF iTs in Aril size 8 f0nt c0l0r..blAck aNd uR nAme haLf orAnge hAlf pInk !! <33 iT lo0ks gREAT !!! cHange thE maNdy t0 uR nAMe obviously!!! <33
AfTeR HoW MaNy TiMeS I CrIeD
NoW ThAt We'Re A/p/A/r/T
I BeLiEvEd YoU EvErYtImE
YoU ToLd Me YoU <3eD Me....
I KnOw I WaStEd My TeArS
ThIs WaS ThE RiGhT ThInG
I GaVe Up On My SeLf I ThOuGht
I CoULd MaKe It ThRoUgH BuT..
ThEn I ReLiZeD HoW MuCh I <3eD YoU!
NoW ThAt We'Re DoNe I GoT Do GeT OvEr It....
I CaNt BrInG MySelF DoWn AnYmOrE
EvEn If Im CrYiN YoU JsT CaNt SeE ThAt
SlOwLy Im DiEn!


PlZ DoNt TaKe CrEdIt!
PeOpLe ThInK ThEy KnOw ThE ReAl Me...
BuT ThEY HaVe No IdEa WhAt ItS LiKe In My ShOeS!
ThEy Jst CaNt SeE
I HaVe A SmIlE BuT I JsT ShOw It To HiDe ThE TeArS
N WhEn I CrY I PiCtUrE My FeArS!
I WiSh I CoUlD ShOw ThE ReAl Me
BuT ThErEs To MuCh YoU DoNt KnOw CaNt YoU SeE
I ChOoSe OnLy WhAt I WaNt To ShOw SoOo LoOk InSiDe N TeLl Me If YoU RllY KnO!


I MaDe ThIs PlZ DoNt TaKe CrEdIt!
I CaNt TaKe ThIs PaIn
ItS InSaNe HoW MuCh YoU CaRe FoR SoMe1
AnD It DoEsNt SeEm LiKe ThEy FeEl ThE SaMe
It HuRtS To KnOw ThAt YoU <3 SoMe BoDy AnD....
It MiTe NeVeR WoRk OuT

EvEn ThOuGh ThInGs MiTe GeT HaRd
YoU HaVe To KnOw ThAt YoU CaN MaKe It
ShOw PpL ThAt ThIs Is HaRd BuT YoU CaN TaKe It
DoNt EvEr LeT Ur SeLf DoWn
TrY To AlWaYs ShOw A SmiLe n NeVeR Be DoWn...
So WhEn YoU ThInK YoU CaNt MaKe It ReMeMbEr The TiMeS
WhErE YoU KePt Ur HeAd HiGh AnD StOoD StRoNg!


Plz DoNt TaKe CrEdIt! I WrOtE ThIs On My OwN.....
NeVeR PuT Ur HeAd DoWn U JsT MiTe HaPpEn To TrIp In A PoT WhOlE...!

<3 Ya AsHie GoOd TiMeS LmAo

XoXo MaNdErZ
wont never let the anger of another overtake me
cause actions of another never make me or break me
`````*ii aiin a biitch buh ii could b reaL quiick*`````
why should [ii respect] ne qiirL
who JUS [respects diick]
>>I can call u my ((BaBy BoY))
u can call me ur ((BaBy GirL))
Mayb we can spend sOme time
I can be ur *s.U.n.S.h.I.n.E*<<

*^*Y I lOvE yOu JoHn Y*^*

((make the Y's in the i love you john part font Webdings and everything else font Arial size 8))
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