Quotes added on Sunday, July 11 2004

i w.i.s.h my life was a F a i r y t a l e...
where evry C i n d e r e l l a gets her prince...
and evryone lives H.a.p.p.i.l.y Ever A f t e r...

OriGiNaL - dOnT taKe CreDiT...

<33 lS*
is eight letters
well guess what so is

xOox little xOox bree xOox
Your faCe is in mY --teArs-- when i *Cry* mysElf to (( sleeP ))

-black backround
-font trebuchet MS size 8
-tears, cry and sleep in baby blue and the rest in white
-((,*, and -- in dark blue.

i made it so please dont take credit. hope you like it <33

Sarah - aim sn --- allformusic10
Should i try harder?
or should i let him go?
i love him so much
you just don't know.
i may not be in love
but believe me, i'm close.
He's the one that i care for the most!
when he kissed me i trembled,
Seeing his smile i cry.
knowing i don't have him
just makes me wanna die.
And if he never loves me,
i guess i'll say goodbye.
but one thing i'll remember is
that everyday i tried...

I wanna be the girl he sees in the hall, turns to his friends and says, YEAH! That's her!
.::I know you're out there::.
.::Somewhere out there::.

~Kayla --------->aIm s/n c R aZ ii 005
iF i cOuLd..tHeN i WoUlD..iD gO wHeReVeR yOu wOuLd gO..wAy uP hIgH..oR dOwN LoW..iLl gO wHeReVeR yOu wIlL gO..
~*Hey mama dish that beat that make you grove mama*~
.::gEt oN tHe fLoOr aNd mOvE yOuR bOoTy mAmA::.

luVv tHat soNg ..haHa

c R az ii 005
« can*t tOuCh »
tha untOuChabLe
« break »
tha unbreakabLe
« shake »
tha unshakeabLe
« can*t see »
tha unseeabLe
« reaCh »
tha unreaChabLe
« dO »
tha impOssible
« stOp »
tha unstOpabLe
.. but ii Can

x0-KrIsTiE-x0 DiDnT mkaE it. BuT i ThOuGHt iT wAs CuTe!
{(WhEn We FiRsT mEeT)}
[We DiDnT nO hOw ClOsE We WeRe]
=LoOk AT Us=
+WeRe LikE SiStAs FrOm DiFfErNt WoRlDs,+
'We resPeCt eAcH oThEr N gOt EaCh OthAs BaCk'
"ThTz y We R B.E.S.T.F.R.I.E.N.D.S."

**~*~**InItAlZ hErE**~*~**

I mAdE tHiZ i HoPe U lIkE iT!! U cAn UsE iT i DoNt CaRe!!
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