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Some friends dont stick together but the true ones are gonna be there foreverr<33
kris and erinn
*sOmeTiMeZ aLl yOo cAn dO iS sMiLe N waLk AwAy..
hIdE yOuR tEaRz AnD p r E t E n d yOuR OkAy..

i ThOuGhT iiT wAz cUtE..dOn*T yOo?¿?

xOo s A r R a <<< IM mEe
. WhAt yOu » DoN*t KnOw «.
. CaN't [HuRt YoU] .
. iT's WhAt YoU s.U.s.P.e.C.t .
. ThAt -F*CkS- eVeRyThInG uP .

[[NoT mInE]]...]]iTs oNe Of My FaVoRiTeS ThO[[...[[DoNt TaKe CrEdIt]]

        :+:*   (Y)   (Y)     *:+:
 :+:*         (*,,) (,, )         *:+:
 (`v') | |___(')('')(")(")___| | (`v')

what a cute
;   ( Y) (Y )  ;
`·.(  ,,)(,, *)¸·´
c(( '')")("(" ))o'  aww Nother Cute couple !
I AM.....

I am a lemon with a twist,
I am a dewdrop filled with mist,
I am a child filled with bliss,
I am but a gentle kiss,
I am invisible but I show,
I am a burned-out lamp that still does glow,
I am bold though you may not know,
I am a horn that does not blow,    
I am used but still brand new,
I am a mystery with out a clue,
I am false but forever true,
I am me and also you......
I am a flower opening my buds,
I do not fight with fists, but with hugs,
I am a push but not the shove,
Creeping oh so softly I am love.
I am deaf, but I can hear,
I am afraid but have no fear,
I am forever constant throughout the year,
I am smart and my actions make it clear,
I am a doll who was thrown in the corner,
I am the funeral standing next to the mourner,
I am with the sad little boy who people call the slow learner,
I am beside the person who is rejected because he is a foreigner,
I hear a cry of a small little boy saying his prayers,
I see the hearts of a million set up in flares,
I taste the bitter words and the nasty stares,
I can touch the small girl and feel her many tears,
I am with the stressed-out man living in strife,
I am with the husband who lost he beloved wife,
I am stopping the man who Is holding a knife,
Creeping oh so softly I am...
The snow will fall,the ground gets cold,
A baby's born who will grow old.
A blanket of snow covers the ground,
Still the answer is not found.

A bird will chirp, the grass grows green,
And through the clouds the sun is seen,
The flowers bloom, the bees will buzz,
The world again as it once was.

The sun will shine, the day is long,
The birds they sing an endless song.
The sky is bright, the color blue,
A child knew who never knew.

The breeze is felt and with a chill,
The song has stopped that never will.
The leaves will fall, the color red,
A whistle of the wind is all that is said.

Why it happens all this way,
That is not for me to say,
A babies born who someday dies,
But from the clouds the sun will rise.
sure i was happy when u asked me out

but i knew that someday it was gonna stop

i could tell u that without a doubt
i WisH i had a ReAson tO crY [[But i didnt]]
i Wish i WAs to BusY tO cAre [[But i wasnt]]
So nOw u donT evEn nEed tO boTher [[Cause i gave up trying]]
i WisH i had a ReAson tO crY [[But i didnt]]
i Wish i WAs to BusY tO cAre [[But i wasnt]]
So nOw u donT evEn nEed tO boTher [[Cause i gave up trying]]

*mAde bY mE..CoPy nD pASte dONt TAkE CrEdiT
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