Quotes added on Tuesday, July 13 2004

fRiEnDs ArE tHeRe ThRu ThIcK n ThIn....FrIeNdS aRe ThErE...eVeN iN tHe EnD..!
ya momma is so stupid when she saw a sign that said airport left she turned around and went home
ya momma is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone
ya momma is so dumb sh stared at the orange juice bottle for 20 minutes cause it said concentrate
ya momma is so dumb she tried to put m&m's in abc order
ya momma is so stupid she tried to drown a fish

i think those are really funny hehehhehehehehehe
I AM AWAY SO Y BOTHER TALKING TO ME B/C I AM AWAY IM ME WHEN I COME BACK U LITTLE............................................................... i'm sorry please hang up and dial again
*Boyz are stupid, through rocks at them*
karla: did u say somthing jimmy?¿
jimmy: no!!
karla: i so no so no so that u no that no that so no so i no that u so no what u so said!
jimmy: huh¿¿¿¿¿
if u love someone tell them cause they might love u back but u'll never no and be brave who cares what ppl say
:] that's my bbfltddup his name is flurg i love flurg
:-[ that's my other bffltddup vampire!!!!
trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met.... :-/
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