Quotes added on Wednesday, July 14 2004

The greatest thing ull ever learn is jus to luv and b luv in return

didnt make it
thought it was cute

If I could b anything in the world
I would b ur teardrop
I was born from ur eyes
Live on ur cheeks
And die on ur lips
Thot it was cute
The only way to hav a frend is to b 1.
Make new frenz but keep the old
One is silver and the other is gold
Thot it was cool
You have given me courage
that was not there...
You have given me laughter
that I can share...
You have given me feelings
that are deep and true...
And for that my friend
I will always love you
I liked this quote
A kiss is jus a kiss
til u findthe one u love
A hug is jus a hug
til its with the one ur thinking of
A dream is jus a dream
til u make it come tru
LOVE is jus a word
til its proven to u
This quote was cool
True love doesnt have a happy ending
True love doesnt have an ending
I look at you
Then look at me
Then I cant help but wonder
Without my girls
Who would I be?
Im a booty shakin
Heart breakin
Pretty hot
Never stop
Short skirt
Love to flirt
Glossy lips
Beautiful eyes
Got all the boys
H i P n O t i Z e D!
Put the first T in comic san and all the rest in impact & do it randum rain bow colers & it looks awsome take it if u like it leav it if u doun't


Hey %n sry I cant come to the computer
right now but plz leave a message after

Hey %n i'm doing sumthing really important...like spinning in my computer chair, so ttyl! lol bbl
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