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...is her name
and softball is her game shes got a homerun on her mind, and wooo shes lookin fine and wooo shes lookin fine
after a pump it up cheer or somethin go...

you~whos gonna go gonna go gonna go
team~were gonna go gonna go gonna go
u~whos gonna fight gonna fight gonna fight
teams were gonna fight gona fight gonna fight
u~whos gonna win gonna win gonna win
team~were gona win gonna win gonna win
u~whos gona go?
team~were gona go!
u~whos gonna fight?
team~were gonna fight!
u~whos gonna win?
team~were gonna win!
everybody~go, fight win~!ugh!
{team name} were the {team name} and were makin softball history, from{city}, {state}, and our game is quite a mystory....wen were sliding into home...and u think we should be playing in a dom..{team name} were the {team name}with happy faces around the bases were gonna win this game!!!!!!! *make sure the song goes along with the flinstone theme song*
A World of Terrors
A Heart of Fear
A Life of Errors
A Soul of Tears
guys are confusing....
you think you like one alot
then another comes along n
changes that completly

*i didnt know which catagory to put this under*
Boys lie, like the rug under my feet
White lies, every breath between your teeth
Fine line, between love and alibis....Boys lie
'Cause I'm having fun looking out for number one
And I'm doin all the things I like to do
I'm having fun 'cause I knew it all along
I'd be better off without you
your mind seems all clouded
you wont be dictated
you are completely shrouded
in these secrets you've created
yea, your friends may hate you
but why should you care?
now you have someone who...
doesn't care about you at all.

200% by me... dont take credit!
A fRiEnD iS sOmEoNe WhO kNoWs ThE sOnG iN yOuR hEaRt AnD wIlL sInG iT bAcK tO yOu WhEn YoU'vE fOrGoTtEn ThE wOrDs

**An original**

If u like IM me

<3 Jessi
The One Guy

He's the one guy that I will always dream of.
The one guy that I will never froget.
The one guy I have the wildest memorise with.
The one guys I fell for without regret.
But he's also the one guy who never felt the same for me.
The one guy who doesn't even think about me.
The one guy who will never remember me.
The one guy who made me think I meant everything to him when I meant nothing at all.

Dedicated to SOS- I wish he still loved me!
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