Quotes added on Friday, July 16 2004

~*you told me you loved me,
that you'de always be there,
but all i was to you was just another spare!,
you took my heart out,
tore it in half,
you took my body,my smile,and laugh,
but all i kno is,
i will alwyas love you,
and i will always be there,
even tho i was just another spare*~

made by ((me)))Cheyanne & Bianca
and dont take credit but u can use...i guess...
.:*I`m so *inlove* with the guy of my dreams,
but things arent always as they seem,
he told me he loved me,
and he'de stick by my side,
and all he has ever done is made me cry!...

Made by: ((me))Cheyanne & Bianca
u can use but dont take credit!..
~*~*~*I love you,
you hate me,
i need you,
you dont need me,
i want you,
you dont want me,
but i guess thats just the way things have to be~*~*~*\

Made by:Cheyanne!
use it but dont take credit..i guess..
« - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - »
 (`v )( v“) Have You Ever Thought about
 ( >') ('< ) Someone and Realized You `'
(")('')(")(") Were Smiling the Whole Time
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* Put it in Verdana, Size 8, it lines up . Enjoy =)
                                   /    \
                                  l      l
                                 / \    / \

                                  \         /                        

u can take i dont care sry if it did not turn out 
it only works well n arail size 10
it looks cute n top strings baby pink...cover prt of it n blue
the bottoms haf pnk on the botom.. n baby pink on the belt type thingy majig..        
sO mUcH fOr mY hApPy eNdInG...

at da begining yoo can add a star by holding down da shift hey and pressing 8 or yoo can add a heart by doin a capital y and then changing font to webdings

sample * Y
you know it only breaks my <3
to see you standing in the dark...
i can only take ((so much))
these *t.e.a.r.s* are turning me to rust...
i miss you

put the <3 in red
bold -dark-
"Look out your window
My sunshines all around"
-"surrender"- ashlee simpson
*- Ive said what i needed to say
Ive done what i needed to do
Now whatever happens to us..
I guess ill leave it up to you -*

bold -said-
italizize -done- n -you-
underline nd bold -us-
the best of friends come from the best of places and have the best of times

alexis katherine mikey brianna n all my friends from the academy
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