Quotes added on Friday, July 16 2004

When we 1st talked 2 each other
I new we would always be friends.
Our friendship has kept on growing
And Ill be here 4 u 2 the end.

u listen when I have a problem
And help dry the tears from my face.
u take away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place.

We cant 4get the fun weve had
Laughing til our faces turn blue.
Talking of things only we find funny
People think were insane-If they only new!

I guess this is my way of saying thanks
4 catching me when I fall.
Thanks 1nce again 4 being such a good friend
And being here wit me through it all
What What it feels like 2 be in love is when you have never felt about a boy as muchas "him".Everytime you talk or walk by him you get "butterflys"Its when you have a big test the next day and you think about "him" all day and dont study.ITs when you finally tell "him" that you like him and he lieks you to. Now thats love.

By me i made this up dont take credit for this or all of my other poems/quotes iight thx's Kristina.

Im me at HotGur869, SxyBrat012, or swtlilprinc3ss4u
looking 4 an owner thats...
40% personality 30% romantic 50% funny 67% sweet
must meet standards!!!
if y0u brAke it, iT's NOT refUndabLe!!
I am a lemon with a twist,
I am a dewdrop filled with mist,
I am a child filled with bliss,
I am but a gentle kiss,
I am invisible but I show,
I am a burned-out lamp that still does glow,
I am bold though you may not know,
I am a horn that does not blow,    
I am used but still brand new,
I am a mystery with out a clue,
I am false but forever true,
I am me and also you......
I am a flower opening my buds,
I do not fight with fists, but with hugs,
I am a push but not the shove,
Creeping oh so softly I am love.
I am deaf, but I can hear,
I am afraid but have no fear,
I am forever constant throughout the year,
I am smart and my actions make it clear,
I am a doll who was thrown in the corner,
I am the funeral standing next to the mourner,
I am with the sad little boy who people call the slow learner,
I am beside the person who is rejected because he is a foreigner,
I hear a cry of a small little boy saying his prayers,
I see the hearts of a million set up in flares,
I taste the bitter words and the nasty stares,
I can touch the small girl and feel her many tears,
I am with the stressed-out man living in strife,
I am with the husband who lost he beloved wife,
I am stopping the man who Is holding a knife,
Creeping oh so softly I am...
it`s tha way hiis smile briinqs
out hiis eyes `n puts tha stars 2
shame, how cute hiis voice sounds
errytiime he says my name. tha
way he acts soo sweet when he`s *
playin with my hair all i know is
i wouldn`t be so happy if i didnt
have him <3 TrUeLy DeDiCaTeDd <33
He GiVeS Me ThE StReNGhT tO LiVe!

* If u CaN guEsS whAt iM dOoinG ... *
* I'll E-maiL YeW a CooKiEe ... yum *
* .... [[ xx. ( yur name ) .xx ]] .... *
What I gotta do to get you in my arms baby
What I gotta do to to your heart
To make you understand how I need you next to me
Gotta get you into my world
'Coz baby I can't sleep

I luv Him
most likely what happened here was what i like to classify as a 444. its a serious matter, and its very common, either it could be a 444 or it could also be a 567. see what you get when you have a 567 is that you have on your hands what i like to call an alpha pita majida level of a problem, now alpha pita majida ( aka and apm) is extremely commmon especially with these younger kids who take the 6245 path each day. now you might be asking yourself what the hell is a 6245 path? welll thats a very commmon question asked and to tell you the truth, im not sure what the hell a 6245 path is and also to tell you the truth i have no clue what i am sayin or what i was talking about with all those codes like 444 amd what not so i hope you enjoyed this very long away message i know i liked writing it and also you just wasted a few seconds of your life reading this so i hope you know you just commited a 5897 crime its very common tho so hang in there!
f is for freinds who do stuff together
u is for you and me
n is for anything and anywhere at all down here in the deep blue sea

i <3 spongebob
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