Quotes added on Saturday, July 17 2004

I am not prejudiced. I hate everyone equally:)
This is a tongue twister, so say it fast

I'm not a fig plucker
I'm a fig plucker's son
But I will pluck figs
Till the fig pluckers come

..i`d nEver make a m0ve if my heart`s n0t in it'..
..ii live with the phrase *.. ((the sky's the LiMiT)).. *

n0t taken` crediT..!!

how can u stopp fallin in love with someone ur half way in love with?¿

*th3 hard3st thing u'll 3v3r hav3 2do0 iz watch th3 on3 p3rson u wanna sp3nd th3 r3st of ur lif3 with find th3r3 soul mat3*
totally 100% original
IM me if u like them summasweetimc6o3 0r crazi in love133
xO..Even when the r0ad gets hard, never give up..0x

n0t taken` credit..!



*i was his star for so many nights*
*now the roles have changed and your the lady in his life*
*lights camera, now ur on*
*just remember... you've been warned*
*enjoy it no cuz it wont last...*
*Same script.. different cast*

*not takin credit for it. but i have a bigillion other quotes on like anythin u can imagine so if u need quotes IM me at
xox skyeler 06
*W*       *L*         *O*        *E* 
     *E*        *C*         *M*  

* i lOve his cute lil comments..the way he makes me laugh..
the way hes always there..and the way he knows how to get to my heart..
and it makes me wonder..WhY iS hE So pErFeCT*
>>BOrEd aS hEcK cAlL mE<<
*~*Ur NaMe*~*

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