Quotes added on Tuesday, July 20 2004

bein w/ u makez me feel like f0r 0nce in my life i d0nt have to *TrY* t0 b happy it jus H a P p E n S

*MAhzzz.-RiLeY.-DiDnT maKe iT! But Itz CuTe n TrUe!
The three basic 'L's in life:
Laugh, Love, Live

/*He HaNdEd hEr a bOquEt Of rOsEs*\
-11 ReAl AnD OnE faKe-
ThEn He SaId tO hEr IlL L O V E yOu TiLl tHe LAst RoSe dIeS

SaVe a CaR-- N
RiDe a WhEeL--

OrIgInaL :]

IsN'T iN A JaR
It"s iN Urr AtTiTuDe
Love Me <3 and make me feel that im your one and only
♦*.. My MoMmY wArNeD mE aBoWt gUyZs LiKe YuU ..♦*
♦*.. Sooo... My PlAcE oR yUuRzS? ..♦*
♦*GaNgStA hOtTiE*♦
Wanna GaNgStA
alot of you got the lyrics to this song wrong...

DIp iT lOw
PiCk iT uP sLoW
RoLl iT aLl ArOuNd pOkE iT oUt, lEt YoUr bAcK rOlL
pOp, pOp, pOp tHaT ThAnG
I'Ma sHoW yOu hOw tO mAkE yOuR mAn sAy "oAh"

* CrAzYlilBARBIE07*
You can fal from the sky! You can fall from a tree! But the Best Way to fall is in Love With Me!

I didn't make it I found it off a website! Hope you like!
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