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If you fall off a unicycle, you should get right back on and keep riding the unicycle. Unless, the evil clown wants it back. - Even Steven - Louise
For this Girl
I love you Rachel.
My AnTi DrUg*

SpOrTz R lIfE!!
>>-->>.. JuS WoKe Up ..<<--<<
(TiReD n StIlL SlePy)
* Tv WiLl WaKe mE uP *
--TtYl-*Ur NaMe* x0x0x0

**You told me you were nothing like him and I believed you...but I was wrong!**
Ur My (RiGhT) WhEn EvErYThInGs [WrOnG]
Ur aLwAyS (ThErE) To KeEp Me [sTrOnG]
U DrIeD My (TeArS) WhEn I wAnTeD To [CrY]
MaDe LiFe wOrTh (LiViN) WheN I WaNTeD To [DiE]
there are only two absolutes in life
-friends & vodka-
and tha best times usually involve both
wEn u gOtta smiLe on ur faCe
And a twinkle in yA eye..Onli yA
TrU gUrlz knO wEn yOu bOut Ta
->(BreAk dOwN n CrY)

When yOu lOve sOmeOne
theres nOthing yOu can dO
yOu cant cOntrOl yOuR heart
It cOntrOls yOu

we waz on da floor all nite long
dancin till da break of dawn
i flicked ma cell ta check da time
n i realized,da whole night u waz mine
y0ur mii gurl
forEver we'll be tight
yea i know
we get into gay lil fites
but in tha end i'll always be here
to wipe away all y0o tears
so girl be true
n d0nt be fAke
cuz im here foO you
when you make a misTake
Impossilbe is just two words put together... IM-POSSIBLE.. meaning your possible to do whatever you want!


<3 Sami
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