Quotes added on Saturday, July 24 2004

AaAaAaChOoOoOo...SoRrY iM aLlErGiC tO bUlLsHiT
He BuRnT mE oUt LiKe A mIdNiGhT cIgArEtTe
I wAs TrEaTeD lIkE yEsTeRdAyS mEaTlOaF
c o n s i d e r .yourself. k i s s e d
iM hOt sTiCky sWeEt
frOm mii hEaD tO mii «- -.
`·- - -» fEeT

*pUt hEaD nd` fEet in bOlD..mAkEs iT lOok sExCii*

mAdE by * JaCkiiE <3*
I remember the look in your eyes
When i told you that this was good bye
you were begging me not tonight not here not now
We're looking up at the same night sky
we keep pretending the sun will not rise
we'll be together one more night
somewhere somehow

*Ocean Avenue*
I love u
Can't you love me back
I want you
Can't you want me back
We were together
Why isnt it still like that?
They say you love the people you hurt the most....
But I'm still hurting...

come back dan I need you....<3
|¯|(¯`·´¯)\¯V¯/ |¯U¯|
|_| ` v |_|(o) .__.'

sorry if its messed up - - copyright <3 meg

,---.o           |         
`---..,---.,---.|    ,---. 
    |||   ||    ||     |---' 
`---'``   '`---|`---'`---' 

copyright <3 meg
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