Quotes added on Saturday, July 24 2004

- [[ i lost mii tEdDiI bEaR... ]] -
* (( kan i sLeEp with you... )) *
about me is nothing to say,
im just a plain person

A w A y
My Stomach is turning over and over

Look how sick you have made me,

without you i cant Just live,

so dont let this happen!

RuN BaCk ToO mE! <||33
Judge me not

and let me be

Don't go by what

you think you see

For eye's deceive

and warps perception

Ignorance causes misconception.....
.wUtEvA wOrdS i sAy.
. i wiLL a L w A y s .
.lOve yOu.
(!*!) love is wen you kan*t stop thinking bout that one special person at night and when they are standing right next to you it feels like they are a million miles away (!*!)
.:4EvA aNd AlWayS:.
.:wOnT tElL hOw:.
.:LoNg I'd HaVe:.
.:LoVeD yOu!:.
y0ur mY first * R e a L * L O v E *
the kind that only happens once
tHe kind that lastS -f.O.r.e.v.e.r-
the Couple that [e][v][e][r][y]One
~>> Lo0kSz at n saysz~>>
"* t h e Y ` r e * 'P e R f E c T' *"
FoR sOmE1 sPeCaIl!!! ThAt I lUv N mIsS!!!

I dunT no iF tHiz Is bReaK uP R lOvE i GuEsS it CaN bE bOtH--

--**LuV yAzZ--K.R.I.S.T.I.E,]--
hey int herr bc im out like a flash light and i for got to put up an away message soo leave one after the beep


about... --> S0FTBALL

Batting lessons... $60.00
Tournament fee... $125.00
Tournament t-shirt... $15.00

Watching my daugter play softball...

~!~ PrIcElEsS ~!~
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