Quotes added on Monday, July 26 2004

~*i love him o yes i do
hes for me and not for u
and if by chance u take my place
ill take my fist and punch ur face!*~

When are we going to be together?
Will you love me now or will it take forever
I Love you always with all my heart
Be with you and never apart
With this poem I have one thing in mind
You just have to read the first word in each line....


Sometimes i wonder how i ever made it throught
this world without ever loving you!
i just wouldnt have a clue
And sometimes it seems like
the world is closing in on me
and there is no way of breaking free
then i see you reaching out for me
sometimes i want to give up, i want to give in, i want to quit the fight
when i see you smile
i kno that i can face the world
you kno i can do anything
when i see you simle
i see a ray of light.
i see it shining right throught the rain.

- Don't cry because it's over
- be happy because it happened
You smoke what you want n'
Smoke what you see
Actin like your real
"Baby, this is me"
Quit tryin to fit in
Cuz your friends do it to
Dont hide behind your
-Cloud Of Smoke-
Cuz it really isnt you
I cant believe how true this is
Why you people cant see
Even though you say your different
You fit this description
-P e R f E c T l Y-

<3 Courtneyyyy
When i think about you
and when i feel alone
sometimes i wonder how everything we had
could be gone
its hurts me so much to think that you
could be with someone else but me
and i hate that we fight all the time
baby i love you so much and i dont want to let you go
but now that we have talked and figured it all out
i just want to tell you i love and care for you and
i dont want that to ever change

*~*I am whO I am
yOur opiniOn is neither
d e S i R e D
. . .oR. . .
R e Q u i R e D*~*


<33 . Court
itS tHa tImEs wE sO cRazZie pPl tHiNk tHaT wE hIgh ... iTz tHa tImEs wE sO bOrEd wE laFf uNtIL we Cry ..tHoSe inSidE jOkEs nd "ReMbeR weNs "nO mAtTa wUt ..wE gUnNa sTaY bEsT fRiEnDs ...

ashley and aimee u ma girls
Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you. And I wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too
..I bEliVe iN a.n.G.e.L.s..
..THe kiNdS thAt heAveN s.E.n.d.S..
..I doNt caLL thEm anGeLs t.h.O.u.g.h..
..I caLL them mY besT f.R.i.e.n.D.s..
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