Quotes added on Tuesday, July 27 2004

Hey, I'm not here right now, So leave a message or Satin himself will rise above the floor and you will die a very painful death.

;-) Later!
if a glass can shatter on the floor
then so can my heart in your arms.
someday i*ll have you,
someday you*ll love me too,
someday we will b together,
but what if you dont want to.
my friends say that wont happen,
but you never know in the end.
all the times i*ve talked to you,
you sounded so.....blue.
so i thought you could need a girl.
a girl who gives you everything you want.
a girl who can always see....
a girl that will never be me.

my story bout my crappy probs and lyfe.
i dont hope you actually care.

me and you girl
will always be true
even when we feelin blue
when im down you pick me up
when you cry i help you out
this will always be the best friedship ever b4
and now im gone
just like "that!"
ill always feel like crap
i never knew it would feel this bad
i guess we never knew the friendship that we had

i moved from my friends 3 years ago....i think bout them every second of the dau.....WI to OH.....9 hours......i told myself that we*ll always be friends forever
till the day we die
death do us part

15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Dancer:

1. We are always working on our technique.
2. We love tight clothing.
3. We strive for perfect performance.
4. One word: flexible
5. We know not to step out of line.
6. We always wanna be on top.
7. We like to make people yell and scream.
8. We like to be out of breath.
9. We dont wear underwear on a daily basis
10. Pick your position, because we practice 5 every day.
11. We dont mind a little competition.
12. We have great legs.
13. We know that sit-ups do the body good.
14. We're not ashamed to say that we can do a split with our legs.
15. Dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desire.
i can only be myself - i'm sorry that's hell for you
You turned your back on someone that would have never turned their back on you
i know it's hurting you,
But it's killing me __ </3
i know it's hurting you,
But it's killing me __ </3
You made me cry a river then u asked me back and i made u cry an ocean.

Bet u wish u didn't do dat now huh BRANDON!
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