Quotes added on Friday, July 30 2004

*·. When we were born half our
.·* soul was given to someone else
*·. and we spend all our life
.·* lOoking . fOr . thEm

^-Looks cute in Arial size 8 :)
Its cintrifical motion
Its prepetual bliss
This kiss
This kiss
RiNg if ya love me
LeAve OnE if ya wanna c a movie
CaLl if ya wanna!!

*I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses
**For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
***I want to be just as close as
**The Holy Ghost is
*I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses

--Bon Jovi
~~A good monkey never monkeys with another monkeys monkey!!~~
made by me!!! haha!!
this girl is a heartbreak waiting to happen an attraction to bad luck. an unloveable being...this girl is a loner and heartfull tired up passion waiting to be unleashed... this girl is the only one you wouldnt notice in a crowd when your thinking about that right girl with the right looks... this girl is the girl that thinks about nonsence and writes about fairy tales and rides with a prince with his sword in the air to save her from herself and release her from her fears for being alone forever..
everytime he looks at me the way he does, talks to me with the perfect words, and holds me in his arms. he takes my brethe away... and i Love it!
volleyballs just a sport
and gold is just a rock!
*.¸¸.·«· Theres always gonna be that one guy..your heart jumps when you see him, you could talk to him forever, and when you hear his voice you fall in love all over again...and you never want to give up on him .· * «
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