Quotes added on Sunday, August 1 2004

If hes cute**And He Likes you**then fall in love with him**((
**((ThE mOrE hE gIvEs YoU tHe MoRe YoU wAnT hIm To GiVe YoU mOrE**((
Cute is good.... But rich is better...
I flirt cuz i like u
I think its cuz i care
What u think about me is up in the air
I guess u like me too
cuz u flirt alot
juss like i do


I love you Keith
u no ur in love when...
the love songs on the radio mean something to u.
ur having the worst day of ur life n u see him smile n all ur problems go away.
u go away 4 a week n all u think about is him.
the cutest guy walks past u n u dont even notice him.

i dont think its that good but i hope u 1 perosn likes its.
you're the only one who drags me
kicking and screaming through fast dreams
you're not what I expected but you're
the only one who knows how to handle me

(make the e the font symbol, and the > comic sans, then make it in italics)
All i want is for u to like me a little
I want u to give me just a little kiss
Want, Want is all im askin for
Is it askin for 2 much cause i can quit
U need to realize i've been throwin ya signs
read the first word of each line!
*.:. One Day u'll Wish upon a star.:.*
*.:. And wind up where the clouds are far behind you.:.*
*.:.So day your true love will save you from the place.:.*
*.:.And take u where u were ment to be!.:.*

^ This is to all u ladys in Man Lan!lol
eVeRy nOw aNd ThEn WhEn i'M AlL aLoNe
i Be WiShiNq yOu wOuLd cAlL Me On tHe `
tELePhOnE , bUt yOu nEvEr Do . i fEeL LiKe
SuCh a fOoL . ThErE's nOtHiNq i cAn Do i'M
SuCh a fOoL fOr y0u |[Stacie Orico* Stuck]|

^ Lines up In Arial, Size 8
I hear songs on the radio, they might be fast
Or they might be slow, but every song they
Plays got me thinking about you... Every little
Dream I Dream about you Every little thought
I think about you Drives me crazy when you
Go away... Every little thing reminds me of u
(|[ Carlene Carlson '--- Every Little Thing ]|)

^ Lines up in Arial, Size 8
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