Quotes added on Monday, August 9 2004

i love him and he loves me
still he said we werent meant to be
i ¤ d O n T ¤ see º w h Y º
i ¤ d O n T ¤ see º h O w º
a|l i can see is yu breaking my heart *right now*
im writing yu this letter to tell yu that i care
to tell yu i dont want to live my life *wishing* yu were there
to tell yu that i love you and think about yu all the time
and to tell yu everynight i was u were - m i n e -

Oriningal xO Britt oX
yOu knOe*
*hOw many sTaRsZ
are in the sKy*
*i LoVe yU
mOrE than that*

Original xO Brittany oX
my love fore yu will NeVeR die
in my <3 heart is were it will aLwAiIsZ lie

Original xO Brittany oX
i love you more than words could show
i love you more than ull ever knoe
untill the moon fallsz outta the skey
ill love u till the day i ¤die¤

Original xO Brittany oX
¿if pain is LoVe and LoVe is pain
then why dO peOple fall in LoVe?

Original xO Brittany oX
what is the world but OnE giant face
what is the rain but ItS tEaRsZ

Original xO Brittany oX
hOw cOme everytime yu say hel|O yu alwaiis mean gOodbye
whenever yu say fOrever yu alwaiis make me crii
ii |Ove yu sO much but nOw were thru
nd* babii itsz al| because Of yu

Original xO Brittany oX
time ticks by sO fast
.. but ..
when yu lOoked in the past
yu cOodnt see what yu did tO me

Original xO Brittany oX
when pigs can - f l y -
and the moon fallsz outta the - s k y -
. . . babii . . .
thats when ill stop loving yu

Original xO Brittany oX
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