Quotes added on Monday, August 16 2004

If I could explain love in one word, it would have to be trust. Trust that
he doesnít cheat on you. Trust that he doesnít lie to you. Trust that
he really likes you. Trust that he will always be there for you. Trust
that you donít have to worry about him breaking up with you right
when you wake up. Trust that he will stick up for you. Trust that he
will never fall in what we call love with another girl. Trust that he
wonít get sick of you and trust that he wants you like you want him

I don't know what's in store for us.
I don't know how long this will last
and I don't know if we're meant to be
But I do know that I love being in your arms
I know that I love being by your side
And I know that I love you

If I were to describe love, I would compare it with what
one snowman did to another snowman. He gave her a
warm embrace and together they melted in each otherís

When angels forget how to fly, when itís twenty
below zero in the middle of July, when violets
are red and roses are blue, that is when I will
stop loving you

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I love you so dearly. I love you so much. I love
the sound of your voice and the way we touch.
I love your warm smile and your kind thoughtful
ways, the joy that you bring to my life everyday.
I love you today as I have from the start and I will
love you forever with all of my heart.

Iím never going to let go of the one thing
I can't go a day without thinking of

The way you looked at me last night was so
magical. Just when I thought I couldnít love
you more, once again, you proved me wrong.

When two hearts are meant for each other,
no distance is too far, no time is too long,
and no other love can break them apart.

you know you love someone
when the mere thought of hurting them
is enough to break your own heart*

AIM: sekzeexpunk
I never thought that there would be a day
where I forgot all my problems but then
the day I met you, they all just ran away.

You know you're in love when the hardest thing to say is goodbye.

Love is like falling down. In the end, you're left
hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

We have gotten very close in such a short time and
no one else could even come close to him. I wouldnít
trade him for all the stars in the sky. When it comes
down to it, heís one of the most important things in
my life.

you should never be afraid to be a little crazier
because in the end the sweetest kind of love is
the one that made you -> lose . c o n t r o l *

AIM: sekzeexpunk
God did the greatest thing when he put you in my
lifeÖ Now I know what it means when people
say I canít stop thinking' about him* at night.

Alone? I'm beside you. Afraid? I'll comfort you.
Need a hug? My arms are yours. Hurt? You can
cry on my shoulder. I don't promise to solve your
problems, but at least I'll cry with you. Why?
Simply because I care and I love you.

Sometimes your mind doesnít want you to be
in love, but deep down you know you are.

Love is like quicksand - the deeper you fall in it
the harder it is to get out.

Love is ... running into his arms,
colliding with his heart,
and exploding into his soul.

AIM: sekzeexpunk
When a girl loves a guy...the sweetest thing in the world.
. ..is to hear him admit that he treasures her.

You make me smile in that special way. I fall
deeper in love with you everyday. You look
into my eyes and make it true. There is no
one else in this world for me but you.

There will always be that one person that
makes you realize why it never really did
work out with anyone else.

Love at first sight is rather pointless without love at second sight, third, and fourth.

Two halves make a whole. That's how I feel about us.
I was only half a person until you came along.

who would have thought that you were once just
a stranger who used to pass me by without even
saying hi when now youíre someone who is such an
important person in my life*

AIM: sekzeexpunk
One boy. One girl. two hearts beating wildly
To put it mildly it was love at first Sight. He
smiled, she smiled, & they knew right away
This was the day they'd waited for all their
lives and for a moment the whole world
revolved Around One Boy and One Girl '

Forever isnít long enough for what we have.

Love and hate are the most powerful feelings you can feel
and everyone says you can never hate anyone
then does that mean you can never love anyone?
... just think about it

How can you ask the leaves to not fall when wind exists?
How can you ask the sun to shine when clouds exist?
How can you ask me not to fall in love when you exist?

He's not the kind of guy you date. he's the kind you marry.

One day cupid was sitting high up in an oak tree
then he saw you and decided you were meant for me.
Quickly he grabbed an arrow and shot it with his bow
and said, "son, when you meet the right girl, youíll know"

AIM: sekzeexpunk
Youíre the *s m i l e* on my face,
the *s p a r k l e* in my eyes,
and the *o n l y o n e* in my heart

Do you ever wish you could just freeze one second,
put it into a box and jump into it, and stay there forever?
i do...every time Iím with you...

If you are not ready to cry,
if you are not ready to take a risk,
if you are not ready to feel the pain....
then you are not ready to fall in love.

Guys can think it's all about cash with you but like J.Lo says
"my love don't cost a thing." Buying people things doesn't
show them anything if the feelings are really there they should
show through your personal actions first before the money steps
in. Love doesn't have anything to do with money and money
doesn't have anything to with love and if it does you
must not be in love...

I donít know how to say this so Iíll just say it straight up.
I love you more than words could say and boy, youíre
all Iíve got.

AIM: sekzeexpunk
Weíve laughed. Weíve cried.
Weíve fought. Weíve lied.
No matter what we make it
through, always and forever
me and you.

*6* words [simple] but (true)
I'd be so [lost] without *you*

If you fall in a river, there will be a boat.
If you fall in a well, there will be a rope.
But if you fall in love, well there's no hope.

A bell isnít a bell until you ring it. A song isnít
a song until you sing it. The love in your heart
wasnít put there to stay because love isnít love
until you give it away.

Love has no age limit. Itís not like alcohol or gambling.
You donít have to be twenty one to love. I mean when
I was three I loved my teddy bear. The only difference
now is my teddy bear is about six feet tall with brown
hair and brown eyes. He can walk, talk, and this teddy
bear loves me back!

The snowflakes may melt and the snowmen may fall
and the seasons may come and go but our love wonít
ever change.

AIM: sekzeexpunk

I hope you had your fun now that all
of this is done. You only used me for
your glee but now I donít feel like ďmeĒ

What if i said you never mattered,
that i never lost a moment of sleep,
what if i crushed all of your dreams
and broke all the promises you swore
to keep? Tell me how your life would
be if i did to you what you did to me.

Missing you isnít the hard part.
Knowing i once had you is
what breaks my heart.

broken hearts always hurt
..tears always come..
but its the memories that
k i l l y o u

My heart is breaking.
Am I not loveable
or am i just some
consolation prize?

AIM: sekzeexpunk

Why do they say that time
will heal this broken heart?
They would know it isnít true
if they lost someone like you.

The day you walked out of my life
was the day i watched my heart
shatter on the floor.

Itís amazing how someone can
break your heart but you can
still love them with every
broken piece of it.

hold up, someone please get some
scotch tape cuz this heart is about
to break.. ut oh... too late...

If I told you this was killing me would you stop?

The only thing worse than having a broken
heart is knowing that for just one more
night with him, you would go through
the same heartache all over again.

AIM: sekzeexpunk
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