Quotes added on Wednesday, August 18 2004

some [ p e o p l e ] tell me
i'm not the [ s h a r p e s t ] crayon in the box
but then [ a g a i n ]
who the hell sharpens [ c r a y o n s ] anyway?

~ Not Original ~
Take it if you want - I did format it, though :)
i can't do this thing called life without you
-*-*-I CaRvEd My NaMe InTo A bUlLeT sO yOu WoUlD bE tHe LaSt tHiNg GoIn ThREw My MiNd-*-*-

---no credit takin---
Whats The Difference Between Yankee Stadium Hot Dog And A Boston Hot Dog?
You Can Get Yankee Hot Dogs In October!!

^^ Haha True New Yorker! Love my Yankees!!
any comments IM me on crazy4yankees13
Run, Until I Find You
Runing so fast, Until I hold you
Running Faster, So I can be with you tonight

-Kristin Corcoran-

You might have never heard of her but you will someday
I hear you talking, Well Its nicer now i'm talking BACK!
Look In my eyes so you can see just where i'm at

-Ashlee Simpson-

IM me I'm a Yankee fan!! (True New Yorker too)
-you let me down when you said you wouldnt..
you said you could but then you couldnt.. :-\

not sure what this would be under but w/e.
kristin n erin<3 xox
Why do I like Him if he doesnt even know I exist?
<3 the spaces between your fingers are ment to be filled with mine<3

call the cell<< 2*four*8*nine*2*nine*7*three*6*one

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