Quotes added on Saturday, August 21 2004

we been through the drama, cryin, heartbreaks and dispair
we went through da fights and tha bad times, 'but ya kno
what? ..i really dont care i'm wit you foreva and i love you '
alot cause you're my girls and tha best thing i got''


^ im me if you want more
{-_Xo_-}i'm just so tired{-_Xo_-}
wont you sing me to sleep
{-_Xo_-}And fly through my d.r.e.a.m.s.{-_Xo_-}

Song-Yellowcard-View from heaven
ThE oNlY tHiNg i eVeR wAnTeD In My LyFe WuZz YuU

You can put some words in italic,bold,and underlined...it looks really good...if you want to see it im me...xOcheer23xO-AIM
Love is all fun & games untill an eye gets poked out, or worse a broken heart..
yOu canT hidE beHinD thE makEup
. . iT juSs ruNs wiTh thE teaRs x3

Not Takin Credit! haha Frum muh girl sammy!! take it use it
the w o r s t feelinq isnT
BeiNg lOnly - its BeInG
forgotTen by SomeoNe
who yOu could never
f . o . R . G . E . T

*Looks goon in Tahoma size 10 wit the top line LIGHT blue, second line LIGHT purple, third line like a light rose color, Fourth line LIGHT pink, and the Last line a LIGHT purple
Don't make me` fall for you. . .If u wont be there to catch me
when we' laugh 'or we cry its together throu the rain ' nd the stormiest weather we' gon still be as one its forever its forever
*around the house*

*Leave me some*
* Or Call the house* *555*5555*
.·:*there's always gonna be that one guy...your heart jumps when you see him, you could talk to him forever, and when you hear his voice you fall in love all over again...but you never want to give up on him!!

*i *ThOuGhT* i had my guy*

« < put that in WingDings *looks cute with the star in hot pink and the dots in black and the text in hot pink too!*
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