Quotes added on Wednesday, August 25 2004

When I tell you I love you
I don't say it out of habit
or to start a conversation...
I say it to remind you that
you're the best thing that
ever happened to me
If ashton kutcher said breathing was gay 99.9% of the womens population would die
SwEeT lIkE cAnDy....HoTt LiKe FiRe....Im ThE p E r F e C t AnGeL oF yOuR eVeRy DeSiRe

tips: the sweet like candy looks cuute in pink
hott like fire is mixed w/red and yellow the im perfect angel etc can be mixed w/purple and baby blue

hope ya like *
*...not here dial the digits..*
luvya ((ur name))

*impact size 18
*any color you want
if you love him let him know
if you love him let is show
and if he loves you
he'll express his love too.

sorry im new and thats just something i came up with on the spot...
dont think of life so simple think of it as a special way to say thanx
Lucy: When I say "Jump" You say "How High?"
Lindsey: "example"
Lucy: "Jump"
Lindsey: "How high"
Lucy: "I don't care"
Lindsey: *Jumps*
Lucy "Thats not high enough!!!"
Lindsey: *runs out side and jumps on the trampoline*

wow Good times.
Don't need no ice and no billie
I just wanna have you her wit me
Im their for you, alwaiiz be tru
It's just you and me, you and me
You don't have to go double platinum
Im there and I'm alwaiiz goin back em`
I'm there for you, alwaiiz be tru
It's just you and me you and me

j-kwon* you and me
It's funny how my whole world could come crashing down with the words "We need to talk."

*His actual words were "I need to talk to you" but I thought ^that^ sounded better."
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