Quotes added on Thursday, August 26 2004

*(aT sChOoL)*
*( n )*
*( tho )*
*(bbl )*

(Your name)

sry if it is bad but if u like it u can take some crite lol xoxo Kristen
When you [loose] the guy
you ~*love*~ the most
its hard to *remember*<<<<<
>>>>that you were so {close}

did u ever just wish u could go back in the past
and change the mistaskes that messed up your life...
well.... so do ii______Ox

~Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend i had in february of last year~

Somebody Told Me by*The Killers

Best song ever

Xo Meghan
..and everyday i fight a war against the mirror, i can't stand the person staring back at me..
::you gotta take the good with the bad::
::happy with the sad::
::but don't get mad if things don't go the way you planned::
Break my hopes and all my dreams
Crush the thought of everything
Cause in this world there is a you
and in this place there is a me
Hug me warm, hug me fake
Tell me all those lies you make
Show me fear, show me death
And still your prescence takes my breath
Break my thoughts, break my soul
Leave my heart, keep it whole
Beg to shatter, beg to break
I hope it's my love you will still take
For I still care if you will not
Cause you're still the only thing I've got
Can somebody tell me who I am?
Can you? No one else can
Show me who i use to be
Show me who you use to see
Tell me allt he thigns he said
Tell me allt he things he did
Whisper stories into my mind
Because that person, i can't find
I stare into these hands before
Hoping to discover something more
to who I was, what I knew
And the only one that can help me
is you. Help Me See Who I Was
ng my mind to stupid doubts
My whole world is inside out
Confusion fills my every vein
How do I cry when all I feel is pain?
Who kneels here, brink of death?
Who bleeds here, gasping for breath?
Whose past was sweet and was one to fall
Self-degradation, oddly tall
Staring at hands I do not know
I search for the heart, but where did it go?
Who is this heartless anger that stands?
No one can tell who I really am
I falter in step as I take my leave
I don't know anything, so who is me?
I'll say words that I know you can't say
All just to get you to look my way
I stand alone on cliffs I can't reach
I'll stand in rain on your corner street
All just to sing in the air
That I still care
I still care
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