Quotes added on Saturday, August 28 2004

@ the MALL chillin w/ my favorite ghurlzz 8-)

(( just type ur name where min iz =D ))
im in jail..OH i MEAN SKOOL!! be back r0uNd *3*
I*m just so t|i|r|e|d
Won*t you sing me to s.l.e.e.p
and fly through my d*r*e*a*m*s
So I can hitch a ride with you t>o<n>i<g>h<t
And get away from this p-l-a-c-e

Its the yellow card song....view from heaven....Everybody does ashllee simpson all the time the same sone...pieces of me...and i thought i should od soemthing else...so here ya go
YAA!!everything is back on track..we arent behind about 3,000 quotes and stuff..i looove being a mod:)
It all starts during homeroom
When I see him
The Wonderboy*
His entrancing eyes. His dazzling smile.
He never returns my gaze
Then we walk seperate after that.
And I always turn to watch him walk away
The Wonderboy*
How i long to run after him
And let the tears flow
All through school I daydream
About why I was dumb enough to let go of him
T h e W o n d e r b o y*

This is another one of my originals! Not much of a great poem tho, i didn't ryme or count syllables...o well!


Enjoy and use but don't take credit for it!
Will I Ever....

Will I ever be in love?
Will I ever know what it's like
to have and to hold someone
all through the night?
Will I ever feel the warmth
of someone else's touch?
Will I ever know that some one else
loves me very much?
It hasn't happened yet
But this I wish were true...
Will you ever love me?
Can I love you?

Dedicated to the hott guy in the band...haha...
Memories can be a wonderful thing
You can be reminded when you tried to sing.
But memories can hurt the heart
You can be reminded when you were afraid of the dark.
Forever keep the good memories,
like a special golden key
You'll cheris them w/ your life
all good memories are a great delight!
yu are my - one . n . only -
*no matter* what n e one says
i knoe in the end
- well b 2gether -

Original xO Brittany oX
/\/\aybe not today
/\/\aybe not tomarrow
but sumday
ii know fore sure
i will get over yu

Original xO Brittany oX
i loved yu so much but u made me cry.
Baby, just realize,
every rain drop is a tear yu made me cry,
then think of me
and how b R o K e N i am-

Original xO Brittany oX
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