Quotes added on Monday, August 30 2004

**YoU dOnT UnDeRsTaNd....YoUr A gUy!***
*~*you flirt with me, and i flirt back, and yet....you still deny that you like me?*~*

use it

dedicated 2 mike
*~*Im ThE KiNdA gRl WhO iSnT SuPoSeD 2 fAlL iN lOvE
*~*tHeN yOu CaMe AlOnG
*~*So SwEeT aNd KiNd
*~*AnD pErFeCt In EvErY wAy
*~*AnD nOw Im StUcK iN BeTwEeN
*~*mY hEaRt AnD mY hEaD
*~*aNd I dOnT nO wAt 2 Do......

use it, plz.
dedicated 2 all those grls out there who r just like me.......
<<People talk behind my back>>
<<People laugh and people stare>>
<<They just dont understand me>>
<<They dont get that i have feelings>>
<<But i do>>
<<and it's possible for me to fall in love>>
<<although they dont believe me>>
<<It's possible for me to flirt>>
<<and possible for me 2 wear a skirt>>
<<so even tho i act as if it duznt bother me it duz>>
<<so just because i might think and act and dress different than u>>
<<Please realize that just because i'm changing and have fallen in love>>
<<doesnt mean that its just another reason for teasing me>>
((<<When you touch i flinch>>))
((<<When you talk I swoon>>))
((<<When you smile I smile>>))
((<<When you cry i do too>>))
((<<I sWeAr we were supposed 2 b>>))
((<<i've never flirted wit ne1 b4>>))
((<<never had ne1 flirt bac>>))
((<<U have a nack for pleasing me>>))
((<<I have trouble hiding my blush and smile>>))
((<<and yet when i ask if u like me>>))
((<<U deny and say not more than a friend>>))
((<<tho ur actions speak louder than words>>))
((<<and tell me your lying thro ur teeth>>))
((<<will you tell me the truth>>))
((<<will you take that chance>>))
((<<for i dont wanna lose my first love>>))
((<<because he thought i didnt like him>>))
((<<ur kind and sweet and perfect>>))
((<<and i love you more than words can express>>))
((<<and if your reading this right now>>))
((<<you no who you are>>))
((<<please dont slip thro my fingers>>))
((<<for i'm in love for the first time>>))
((<<and my first love>>))
((<<is you>>))

use it

ps. nething i write relates 2 me....and nething in love is dedicated 2 mike, my only and first love
{>>why do you lie<<}
{>>why do you deny<<}
{>>everyone knows that you like me<<}
{>>are you telling me the truth<<}
{>>or am i dumb<<}
{<<and you are telling the truth!!
The sweetest thing in life
is how someone can love you
just because you are you..

not mine

IM soccer31jill

looks good in BAUHAUS 93 regular size 16
ur own color, backround black
i think i`ll stOp loOking fOr lOve
and fOcus on what really matters:
da two F`s ii can`t live without!
F a M i L y & f R i E n D s --
the 2 things life`s really about!

¤» it`s nOt aLwayz rainbOws n butterflies « ¤
^ loOks
`fRiEndZ fOrEvE*
==MaNy LaUgHs
**mAnY tYmEs
*i`ll nEvA fOrGet..
mY bEsT fRiEnD
4 LyFe<3

1oo% oRiGiNal...
uSe it iF you WanT
i NoE it`S sTuPid, but I was bored..

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