Quotes added on Tuesday, August 31 2004

"Love isn't about luck.. it's about being with the right person".

P.s I did not write this... I got it from a t.v show!
Stabbed in the back

You are my true love I know this for a fact
But when you stopped calling it was like a knife stabbed in my back
At the beginning you made me feel so true
Because every time I looked back I saw you.
You were the best kind of man I’ve ever met,
But then my friend told me this was all a stupid bet.
I soon found out I was played for a fool,
And in the end you thought it was cool.
So I began to grow weak,
And poured my pain into my wrists with knifes you wouldn’t believe,
So now you see you broke my heart and I will never be able to love again.
The Day

The day I stop loving you is the day I die,
The day you hurt is the day I cry.
I love you so much,
And because of you I want more then just a touch.
When I see you I forget the hard times I’ve had,
Because I think of our future we will one day make true.
Even when I die, I will still continue loving you.
We will be together for ever I know this for a fact,
And the love we share is no act.
You will know what I’m feeling without me having to say one word,
Because the love we’ve created makes a beautiful bird.
You think I love you less then I really do,
But think…….is that really true?
When I look into you’re eyes I know we will last,
Because whenever I am with you I will always have a blast.
The only reason I ever act shy is because
If we didn’t work out, I’d want to die.
With you it’s more then just love….
It’s love at first sight.
On the first night we met you asked me if I liked you and I said I might.
I broke up with my x- because of you,
Because when I think of you…I think true.
You are my one and only I know this for a fact,
Because when we met you didn’t get smacked.
I hugged you at the park because I knew that’s what you wanted.
I love the way you make me feel,
And it’s not our relationship I want to kill.
Whenever a love song comes on,
It makes me think….thing of you.
Now that were back together, I’m happier then ever.
It’s you’re love I would never take away,
And when we talk, I always think of our special day.
When we broke up, I would always cry,
Because to be honest I’d rather die.
I’ve never had a feeling like this,
Because when our lips touched it was more then just a kiss.
You call me perfect, when I’m not,
I call you perfect because you’re hot.
You’re the sweetest, finest guy I’ve ever met,
And as for our future plans… there all set.
So I’m sorry to say “I love you”.
How I feel about you…

You ask me how I feel about you,
And I don’t know where to begin,
Because I will have feelings for you until the very end.
You’re my soul, my heart, my everything,
Because you’re a guy in its rarest form,
And when I’m with you my body feels warm.
You filled my heart with happiness the day you stepped into my life,
So I will be patient until the day I become you’re wife.
I knew I loved from the very start,
Because when I met you,
You made my cold heart became warm.
You are the one for me because one door shuts,
And another one opens,
My fragile hearts no longer broken.
My Love for You…..

All guys are the same,
But when I met you all that changed.
You are nice, cute, funny, and smart,
My thoughts with you could create a beautiful piece of art.
My love for you is a special feeling inside,
And I hope that one day I can say “I do” and become you’re bride.
Don't ever take advantage of what you got cuz you might miss it when it's gone!
I'm Sick of Smiling
And so is my jaw
Can't you see my front is crumbling down?
I'm sick of being someone im not
Please get me out of this slump
I'm sick of clapping
When I know I can do it better for myself
I'm sick of waiting
Sick of all these words that will never matter

I wire all these nerves together
Hoping for a chance to think on time
And I'm tracing over your letter
To see if your intentions are as good as mine


*¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»*The way yOur b0dy mOvEs makEs tHe FelLaZ gOo*«´¨`·.¸¸ .*¤*

wut'z sAlt w/0 pEpper?
wut'z p0pc0rn w/o buttEr?
wut'z h0t w/o c0ld?

wUtZ mE w/o YoOuH?*«´¨`·.¸¸ .*¤*

-i knoe itz kinda dumb, it;s like another version of liek the blue steve/tommy chuckie one-

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