Quotes added on Wednesday, September 1 2004

heyy shelly, love the poems, i can use them, rite???

i think of the ocean
and i close my eyes
and can picture me
sitting on the warm sand
burning the back of my legs
and then you appear
and rest your hand
on top of mine
and the world seems to stop
my legs seem to be
very cool
and i turn
face you
and you smile
that smile
that i would give more than
anything in this world
to see
and then i open my eyes
and realize
that you
my love
arnt next to me
and climb off the 'sill
for i realize
that someone loving me
must be just a

ask me if u wanna use it
like it shelly???
**StaYinG uP l*a*t*e**
**ShaRinG EveRytHinG**
**Love YOU ALL**

dedicated 2 u, shelly, and lucia! lussssm!
nO MattER wUt we DO oR wUT we SAy WE wIll alWayS Be On Our Way TO trY to mAKE THinGs riGht for Our fRiends ...tIll THe Very End

CorNy !
LoL u cAn uSe It Tho
x0x0x eriCa*
i PuT miRAcEl wHiP on MY wOUndER breAD

lol takin form scary movie 3 !!!!
best night eva 8-31-04 lp + ew
x0x0x eriCa*
being away from you is
s l o w l y driving me insane

looks good in pink and purple !!
x0x0x eriCa*
Wut aRE U tAlkIN ABouT ...u DOnt no ME ?
GO teLl that lIE TO sumone ELES <3

dEdAcATed to Mike*
u Can uSE IT <3
X0X0X eriCa*
N|e|V|e|R LeT tHe F.e.A.r of S t R i K i N g OuT
KEEp YoU fRoM -->PlAyInG<-- tHe [ ( GaMe ) ]

MaTcHeS uP sIzE 8 ArIaL!

its from the movie a cinderella story i jus made it look nice!!!!
ActIoNS sPeAk LoUdER tHE wORdS <3

x0x0x eriCa*
love is lik a flower
it gets real big and u cant take it any more
and then it dies <3

x0x0 erica *
«- -.

`·- - -»Cant nobody
Do them things we do
«- -.

`·- - -»And cant nobody
Touch me like u do
«- -.

`·- - -»Cant nobody
Love me like you do
«- -.

`·- - -»And cant nobody
Be like me and you

-ShYnE fEaT. aShAnTi-
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