Quotes added on Thursday, September 2 2004

Ooi let myself fall into a lie
i let my walls come down
i let myself smile and feel alive
i let my walls come down
no matter how i try i don't know why
you push so far away
you wrapped your hands tight around my heart
and squeezed it full of painoO

Oowith this knife i'll cut out the part of me
the part that cares for you
with this knife i'll cut out the heart of me
the heart that cares for youoO

Ooi can't believe the way you took me down
i never saw the pain
coming in a million broken miles
like poison in my veinsOo

smile empty soul "with this knife"
to play wit me...youve gotta be good
to keep up wit me...youve gotta be quick
but to beat me...youve gotta be kidding

(put 'youve gotta be kidding' in italics)
Every time i see you i get so excited
My heart beat much faster i just can't hide it
But you dont feel the same 4 me
Its so easy 2 see
Even thou when i look in ur eyes all the pain inside of me dies
And then i look away
And it goes back 2 bein one long bad day
So mabey if i look into your eyes 4 eva
There will be no more stormy weather
And i will never have 2 cry
Or wish i would die
But then i get back 2 reality
And alll the reasons we cant be come rushin back 2 me
So i have nuthin more 2 say
I guess life will continue as one long bad day

*lookz cute in comic sans ms size 10 bold wid tha wrdz brokensmile*stayawhile r lite pink or w/e color u want nd tha wrdz r in white

<|3Katie Rae
when we laugh or we cry its 2gether
thru the rain and the stormiest weather
we gon still b as 1
its 4ever its 4ever

<3Katie Rae
We were tha kinda friends that did everything together
But then you moved away and we're never together
I wish that things could go bac to tha way they used to be
Walking around tha square....jus u and me
I remember u saying that boiz would never be as important as ur gurlz
But then u met him and out friendship went thru whirls
I wish we could hang out again almost everyday
But whenever u come ova u can never stay
We're still friends but ur never here
And i wish that when u moved you could have moved somewhere near

its not great.....but itz 100% by me!! im me if u liked it.
S u N s H i N e
i cOuld call u my - b a b i b o y -
u could call me ur - b a b i g u r l -
maybe we can spend - s u m t i m e -
i could be ur - s u n s h i n e-

>>lookz cute in lite green...all tha -wrd- bold nd all tha lowercase letterz in sunshine ((on tha top)) bold

<3Katie Rae
Tap on my window knock on my door ..
i wanna make u feel - beautiful -

>>cute when beautiful iz italicz nd all in lite blu

<3Katie Rae
The moon is in full view
& im sitting here thinking how much I miss u
The stars are in clear shine
& im wondering how to make u mine
The night is crisp & pure
how do I kow I love u for sure

*u can use but please dont take credit*
I'm sitting here in the dark
os sirens & a dog's bark
the emptiness ha filled my head
thinking when I should go to bed
ur voice still echoes in my mind
like a button stopped on ~rewind~

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