Quotes added on Thursday, September 2 2004

eVerYthin ChanGeS & nOthin StaYs The SaMe
bUt aS we grOw uP 1 thinG dOes reMain
i wAs wiTh u befOre & wiLl be tiLl The end
nOthing cOuld ever replaCe mY

kAtie you are the bestes riend ne one culd ask for LYLAS!!

found it on google! go ahead use it i dont care!


looks good with remain end my bold and spaced bestfriends in lightpink the rest white and the back round color black
cheerleaders can't handle the abuse, well damn girl, maybe if you didnt have such a huge caboose.

and whoever deleted my comments to the "Wimps lift weights, cheerleaders lift people" quote, suck it up, and face the facts.
my heart is broke...
its shatterd
its crushed
as if
sum1 ran over it wit a 18 wheeler
sum1 shot it wit a gun
as if
every1 in the world steped on on
my heart exploded as if
u put TNT inside of it
it was a nuclear bomb
im trying to recover
its relle hard
but im hanging in there
with all the days and time wasted
among rivers of tears
it jus feels like i shouldnt have even tried
but i did
i hope tht ur happy 4 all of this

bye bye missy.... *tear*

100% orignal and 100% true

IM me at LITLhOCKeyStar20
b0y i doNT no Wut to Say oR wut TO do
u GOt ME spIniN CIrcLeS RouNd U

eriCa* x0x0x

taken a shower bbl!!
if you love some1 more than they would ever no paste this in ur fyle!Hoes should be called humptydumtys first they get humped
then they get dumped i dont slip and slide baby i grid N ride

aim me at>>sktrgirl987
ur friends r in school at ur house
in ur minde 24/7
y not all the time?
dont know y
but ur real friends
will always be there when u count to 10

i know its gay but aim me at>>sktrgirl987
(_ _____ _)
º º

out side sk8ten

aim me at >> sktrgirl987
|_|_| ( )
| |
| |
eating mmmmm!!

aim me at >>>>>> sktrgirl987
(his name)
ur hott
so is scott
ur sweet
like me ur sweet pea
i like u a lot
like u like me

sry about this but all the stuff i just said about u is not true
sry to break it to ya but i hate ya
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