Quotes added on Sunday, September 5 2004

One boy, one girl
Two hearts, their world
Time goes by, secrets rise
One more sad song
Tears shed, she's gone
She'd take it back if she only could

And all the perfect words they seem so wrong, she's gone
You wish that you could learn to see
Doors close and you wish you could be

Alone with you
Alone with me
What can I do?
I cannot breathe
Her heart is true
For all to see
Alone with you
Alone with me

Alone With You- All-American Rejects.
I watch how the moon sits on the sky on a dark night
Shining with the light from the sun
But the sun doesn't give the light to the moon
Assuming the moon's gonna owe it one
It makes me think of how you ask me to do
favors and then rapidly
just turn around and start asking me
about things that you want back from me
I'm sick of the tension, sick of the hunger
sick of you acting like I owe you this
Find another place to be, to breathe
While I find a place to rest

I wanna be in another place
I hate when you say you don't understand....

Linkin Park, A Place for My Head
: D just call me a..
*.bLoNdE. .bOmBsHeLl.* havin WAY more fun

B beauty and brains
L lovingly lushious
O oblivious
N naturally naughty
D dangerously devine
E even a lil innocent
S sassy n spunky


ThE rEaSoN tHeY cAlL uS tHe DumB oNeS :
CuZ We Can PuLl ThE lOoK oFf..N BruNetTeS CaNt ; )

im blonde whats your excuse?!

xoxo much love! : blondie!<3
<33 <33
If I Could Be An Angel I'd Make Your Every Wish Come True..
But I Am Only Human, Just A Girl Who's Loving You*
<33 <33

*looks cute in arial size 8
*put it in black (NOT BOLD)
*and put the heartz in pink (NOT BOLD)
Take my HaNd
Hold it tIgHt
We'll Make it ThRu
and come out AlRiTe
even tho we're FrIeNdZ
and nothing mOrE
I'll be here for u AlWaYz
of this i'm sUrE

Make the hand,tight,thru,alrite,friendz,more,alwayz, nd the whole last line bold!!
Come to me
Hold me tight
Tell me u love me
nd that it'll be alrite
squeeze my hand
lets run away
Wen we come back
It'll be a better day
I dunno who u r
but i kno iit'z tru
One loving day
I'll find yoo
Close my eyes,
Breathe in slow,
Don't know what to do,
or where to go.

Thinkin back,
Heavy sighs.
Blodshot, puffy,
Drowning eyes.

Memories wander
through my mind,
Stuck in a single
place in time.

Hold my breath,
Straining tears,
Think of memories,
Throughout the years.

***Saying goodbye
As i clench my fists.
My eyes glance over
My bloody wrists.***

I thought forever
Came too soon
On this dreaded,
Bloody afternoon.

not my greatest.
RIP-- i love u

okay. yea i wrote that when my best friend died. but doesnt that starred line kind of sound like this?

"i hold my breath and clench my fists
i carve your name into my wrists...

( i wrote that ..ill prolly add on to it sumday lol..)
btw ..i aint depressed, i just like writin like that haha lol

-->aim screenayme - xomercedisbabiox"

i'm sorry that really bothers me when people take my s*** and call it somethin else.
yeah i live for those
little moments when
he stealsz my heart
andDd he doesn`t
even know it x33

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I don't know what I want
I don't know who I want
but I know I want the spot
in my heart filled*''

AIM-IM me for more stuff roxybabi4545
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