Quotes added on Thursday, September 9 2004

U broke up w/ me
and u wanta get bak w/ me?
u broke up w/ me 4 another gurl
well u can read mah mind cant ya?
guess jus try to guess
cause the answer is no.....
well nvm its he** no

not takin credit!!!
happiness cant be found..
if what we beleive in and
what we do are two separate things ..
^^ so tru ^^

screenayme --> xomercedisbabiox
always follow your heart .. because you
never know if what you just turned down
could have changed your life .. we never
know what lies ahead of us, and we can
only know if we take the chance to find
out .. follow your heart, and live your
dream ..and then you can find true happiness

(i wrote that, and i really believe in it.. im not saying if you dont know
what its liek to do drugs or smoke, then you should try b.c you dont know
what your missing out on ..dont do that lol ..if you have a dream of being a
famous singer tho, or actress ..then go for it ..the only thing stopping you
from being who you want to be is yourself ..live your dream...)

iM me at xomercedisbabiox
love and hate will tear it all down
Their love was true for awhile
Then the shouting started
But underneath it all
he felt the same about her
she had moved on
He couldnt bear to see it happen
She said he didnt care
He did and always did more then she even knew
He planned on the date
to tell her he still cared and loved her
the plan was ruined
with a single hour
the desicision was made
that she was in a eternal rest
he never saw her to tell her
that he loved her
no he dreads on the chance he missed
before the horrible tragedy happened
Now he has moved on but still deep down
he loves her still and forever

Dedicated to my ex-gf who died from leukemia but i never had the chance to say goodbye.

^^^i kinda know how u feel... my ex-bf was diagnosed with DSRCT (last year) and he is one of 2 ppl in our state who have this kind of cancer, but he is in remission now...
Obsession is a needing, deep inside your soul
That rips away at your heart until you let her go
Longing is a loving, deep inside your heart
That rips away and tears at you whenever you're apart
I obsessed until I lost you and loved until I longed
This love I've never questioned, has always kept me strong
Never denied nor forgot this feeling I have for you
We're barely friends, that's all I ask, and that you care too
You can't feel this pain I feel each and every day
I know you've forgotten me, maybe even my name
You don't feel the way I do about you since always
I don't think you know I'm still waiting here, Jane
I don't get how I walked today, how I even got out of bed
I don't get how I talked today, when I feel worse than dead
I can't seem to understand how I got through this whole day
When knifes are rushing through my heart with every word I say
Or why I couldn't catch my breath when I saw you walking in
Or why we barely talk even though you call us friends
But hey, what do I know?I'm just the guy you left behind
Dumped from your heart erased from thought, out of memory, out of mind.
In the end nothing else matters
Through the lies, fighting, and pain,
After everything
Nothing else matters to me
Except for you.
you can find my heart in the lost and found.
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