Quotes added on Friday, September 10 2004

iin lOvE wiit yOu

ii lOvE yOo ii lOvE yOo ii lOvE yOo <3
Babii ii lOvE yOoH ... yOu are my xOox LiFe
My happiest moments werent complete if you werent by my side
You re my relation and connection to the xOox sun xOo
wit you next to me theres no darkness i cant over come
yOU are mUh raiindrops ii am the seed
Wiit you and qod whos mUh sunliiqht im bloomiinq qrown so beautiifully
Babii iim sOo prOud prOud tO be yOur .G.ii.r.L.

yOoH make the confusion qo all away from this cold nd misty world
i am in love with you in love yOu set me free
i cant dO this thiinq called life witout yOoH here wit mEe =[
Cause iim danqerouslii iin lOvE wiit yOoUu iin lOvE
iill never leave Jus keep loviinq mEe tha waii ii lOvE yOoU lovinq me *
i am in love with you in love yOu set me free
i cant dO this thinq called life witout yOoH here wit mEe
Cause iim dangerously iin lOvE wit yOoH in lOve

ill never leave Jus keep lovinq mEe the way ii lOvE yOo lovinq me
i kno yOoH lOvE mEe lOvE mEe fOr whO > i am
Cause yrs before i became who i am babii yOu were my [man]
ii know iit aiint easy easy loviinq me
i appreciate tuh lOvE and dedication frOm yOu tO me
later On in my destiny i see myself havinq --» yOur «--child
i see myself being your wife and i see my whole future in your eyes
in awe of my love for you sometiimes makes meh wanna cry ='[
Realize all of my blessiinqs iim grateful to have you by my [s ii d e];
TaP oN mY wInDoW
kNoCk On My DoOr
I wAnNa MaKe YoU fEeL
*b E a U t I f U l*

*Hint* It looks really cute if you do each line a different shade of the same color!
I look down at my wrist with a knife in hand,
I think of all the times I spent with him,
Everything around me just dissapeared,
My heart started to race as my mind began retrace
everything he said and did to me,
All my anger built up inside of me just wanted to release,
I think this is it, this is the end,
When I am gone, a new life will begin!

100% original, im me and let me know what you think>>>xXxCrissy09xXx<<<!!!!
"dont leave me hanging in a city so dead…held up so high, on such un-b/r/e/a/k/a/b/l/e thread."

© RaCHiEeeEe
Everything i have ever had has » drifted away…
I would sell myself just to relive yesterday.

: . I'd rather spend everyday fighting with you, than spend the rest of my life without you . :
LiFe Is LiKe CaRdS
YoU gOt yOuR pLaYeRs
AnD sOmE hEaRtS aMoNg tHe BuNcH
AnD tHeN yOu GoT sOmE wHo jUsT pLaY
S o L i T a I r E

'nother one of those 100% original ones by MuAh!

xOx BeCkIe xOx
**IM** me on SmurfyBMXChick
you don't even know a thing i feel inside know by the look in my eye that I'm just fine but i might need you to hold me tight ; i don't use excuses, don't ask why it's just a breakdown it happens all the time so get out of my face don't even try ; you wanna help me, just let me cry

[[ ashlee simpson ]]
no you dont know what its like
When nothing feels alright
You dont know what its like to be like me

idk wat this is our where it should go
but i was thinkin about my friend
[k e l s e y] so i made itt..use franklin gothic medium
as teh font, size 8...but make the worddz dont and nothing bold
make mee blue and underlined...

YoUrZ tRuLyy,
U KnO u LoVe Me
A Friend Is Someone That Can Make You Laugh When You Think You'll Never Smile Again ;o)
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